Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Toy Story 3D!

On sunday I saw a film that I have been waiting for for a looong time: Toy Story 3.
Yes you heard me.
I dragged Simo to the cinema with me, along with two friends. I hadn't read anything about the film at all, on purpose, so I really had no other expectations other than that it's Disney/Pixar after all, and should be great.
So...eh. No expectations.

After some bad experienced with headache pretty much through the whole of "Avatar", I wasn't so keen on seeing it in 3D, but I figured to give it a chance.
If ANYTHING should work in 3D, at least it should be animation.
And it did.
It sort of worked so well that I forgot that it was 3D (I don't know if that's good or bad) and I didn't notice that I had the glasses on at all.

The film in itself wes brilliant, the story was surprising (at least for me, who didn't know anything...) and very touching. (YES, I cried!)
I could really feel with the characters, since I believed in the deepest secret place in my heart that my toys were alive for a looong time, and since I work in a kindergarden and see the action, I could also feel with the characters (yes, the TOYS!) in that way.
Life for a toy ain't easy.

Workout or TV time?

After working overtime yesterday, I got to go early from work today. I headed for the gym, eventhough I didn't feel like I had that much energy.
However, after doing some exercises for my arms, the dreadmill that I like got free and I went to do my cardio.
There's 3 TV's on the wall there and I usually watch whatever is on. I noticed that the people behind me didn't seem to watch the TV much, and the only one who did was listening to music, so I figured she wasn't really either.
The program that was on however, contained 3 things that REALLY don't interest me:
Top 20:
in a

I asked the girl next to me if she would mind if I changed the channel. She said no.
Suddenly I heard a loud sort of muttering behind me in Finnish. Appearently a woman was talking to me.
I turn around and it's the woman with the earplugs.
- "I'm sorry, I don't speak Finnish", I said.
- "It's polite to ask first before you change the channel", was the answer I got.
- "Yes, well I asked the girl next to me. And you are listening to music, so I didn't think you were watching TV as well."
I got a smirk as a reply.
Then I said; - "I can change the channel back if you want."
Then of course it was fine and she didn't want me to.

After a while I changed the channel back anyway, since there was nothing else that was interesting. I saw a smirk on her face in the mirror infront of me, and I was wondering when the gym became the place where you had to claim the whole space for yourself. I go to the gym to work out, not to watch TV. And if I WOULD see something interesting on TV, I turn the volume up, and without earplugs thanks!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Shake your body (down to the ground) for Michael!

Yesterday was Michael Jackson's birthday (man, I feel like I just wrote about his birthday, time goes fast), but I celebrated it on saturday.
I had an exhibition with my drawings as well at this party called "You Rock My World Birthday Bash", and I think it went very well.

The gang who had organized the party had rented a place that was sort of in the middle of nowhere, I went there with great uncertainty with my friend Mia. We had just been to the center to get the last things I needed for the exhibition, and we thought we were well in time BEFORE the party would start, to hang up my drawings. However, we managed to wait for the bus on the wrong side of the road, and when we finally got to the area where the party was at (which was what looked like an abondoned industry area, where Finland's mafia are for sure lurking), we got lost.
After a while we found the place, but we were really late and had to prepare my drawings in a hurry.

The party was fabulous, a huge screen playing Michael non stop, really good food and snack and great entertaiment! Some of the fans at the party did a dance medley that was great, some danced to Thriller, and a 14 year old MJ impersonator did some really impressive moves! He had been to "Finland's got Talent" - and was talented for sure!

After winning my own drawing that I had donated for in a prizepool, I won a REAL prize; a This Is It t-shirt that is so big for me that I'll try to recreate it into another peice of clothing...
We went out to a gay club after that, with all our Michael Jackson gear on, and I think we tormented the DJ with our demands in music. Eventhough he was he was a bitchy DJ, he still played quite a bit of MJ for us, and I think we pretty much took over the whole dancefloor that night.
I had the best time out that I've had in a long time!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Toys, toys, toys! (And Star Wars.)

On friday we had a Star Wars trooping for a museum in Finland called Wee Gee. It's a modern art museum, but it also has a toy museum section that is brilliant. They have toys from the 40's and up to the present time, and I even saw a few things from the 80's and the 90's that I have myself!
I decided to dress up as Padme Amidala again for the second time, since I really love that costume. The only trouble with it is that it takes some time to get ready, especially with the hair. My friend "Ventress" and I made some changes to it some days ago, so it fits me better, so of course I had to show it off.

Then place was packed I though, but the guys said that last year it was even MORE people! I couldn't believe it, In thought I was gonna die in the costume, it was so hot. I decided then that my next one will be a lighter Padme costume...

Also, people keep calling me "Princess Leia", eventhough Princess Leia is actually next to me. Ah, the troubled life of a nerd...

But it was great fun, I even got taken hostage!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ebay and "us".

OK, I have a confession to make: I am a liiiiittlebit addicted to Ebay.
Not so much, nononono. No. Just a little.
But that's not why I haven't been writing here for a while, no, it's because I am drawing my life away as I'm having sort of an exhibition at a Michael Jackson birthday celebration party on saturday.
It's a good excuse to draw actually, and I should really be doing it more often.

But back to the Ebay issue...I encountered something very interesting there yesterday, or at least something that I find interesting:
The "We".
I've seen many times before, even on internet pages that I know the seller (and theres only ONE of them), and there's still the "We".
WE take Visa. WE ship anywhere. WE can answer your questions.
I realise that it sounds more proffesional and all, but I kinda start thinking "how many are you guys" and if the seller is infact schizophrenic...?
No matter how important the "We" is, I can't help but find it sort of ridiculous when I see it on crappy Ebay seller's sites where they're trying SO hard to sound business-like while selling their old trash.
"Please check out OUR other newspaper clippings! WE ship anywhere!"

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

American beast!

My littlebrother Henrik has been visiting us for a week, and we've been trying to have as much fun as possible with my new job and all.
We went out to see "Splice" in the cinema, which was pure c**p in my opinion, but atleast I got to eat popcorn! I can sit through almost anything if I get my popcorn!
But seriousely, DON'T go and see Splice if you value a littlebit of money...the film had an interesting start and idea that could have been used in a great way, but instead, the dialogue and acting made the characters unreal and lame, and the motivations were old and poor. It didn't help that you knew exactly what was gonna happen at almost any time.

BUT - we also had another good trip to the city, going to a restaurant called Memphis. They have really great american food there (better than in America) and we usually go there when Henrik is here.
THIS was finally the chance that Simo had been waiting for - to eat the famous 3 stories high burger called High Tower Burger. Simo's excuse had come. Henrik.

Ofcourse big portions of both burgers ended up in a doggy-bag and storage for colder days.

On sunday we decided to make food from cookbooks that I bought on Route 66. We made a lovely Pineapple barbecue for the steaks, Jalapeno potato salad and Texan Pecan Pie for dessert.
For entertaiment we watched the homevideo we filmed from last years Route 66 trip, but when we came to New Mexico, the tape started playing tricks on us. It didn't want to play and the camera asked it to be taken out. When I did, a long string of tape came hanging behind. Nice.
When I went out of the room while Simo was fixing it (no, I'm not THAT dramatic - I went out of the room for another reason, OK?), I heard:
SNAP! "Shit!".


Back to reality...(also on TV.)

So the reality has hit the fan again. But actually it's good to be back, and working at my new job. I started working in a new kindergarden, and I've been there for two weeks already. So far it's the best workplace I've been to, I really like it there.
For me, being happy at the workplace is SO important for your own well being, so it's great!

I've been really busy lately, with an exhibition coming up next weekend, I've been drawing a lot. I've been trying to get back into routines like going to the gym and the things that need to be done around the house.

Dr. Phil and Top Model has also waited for me the whole summer.
Ah. Good to know that nothing has changed.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Pictures from Paris.

I've FINALLY got all my pictures from France organized on my computer now, so I'll post a few of them here now since you didn't get to see so many during the trip.

Outside The Louvre.

The view from the second room we stayed in.

Doing a "fjortis"-pose outside Captain EO. (Just for you Henrik.)

Eating froglegs.

Strolling along the Seine.

Who's the chief in the Asterix Park?

A day as Obelix.