Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cockroaches and royalty.

I'm sitting in the internet cafe that I found by Notre Dame. It's really nice here, very clean and quiet, and great staff. Not like the place I found the other day, at Champs Elysees 66, underground, a smelly kind of place, where the staff didn't really know if they were selling Turkish music or renting out computers. The cockroaches there seemed to like it though, but I quietly walked all over Paris to get back to this one.

I'm leaving in a few hours, and going to Norway. It will be really nice, I can't wait to get home, meet friends and just relax. I love Paris, but it's just too much for me after a few days. My ears and head just can't cope with the noise very well and I easily get irritated and nervous. Norway will do good.
That's why it was great to spend the whole day with Mammy yesterday, going to the different Chateau de Loire. We took a tourist bus and had a guide, something I've never been part of before. Everything was in english, and we stopped by 3 castles, hearing the interesting history that took place there. I love the French history. Any history really.
The places were beautiful and the day was really worth it!

On sunday I met my "new" halfbrother. I have never met him before, since neither I or my other siblings knew about him before about a year ago. He was really nice, and we had a great dinner and meeting.
The day after I met one of lovely daughters and also had a chat. Amazing, when I was little I wanted siblings, now they pop up!

(Photo's will come.)

Louvre not enough? Let's go to Versailles!

When Louis the 14th lived at Louvre, he felt he didn't have enough space, so he built Versailles. Everyone who's been to Louvre know's it's pretty big. Well, I must admit that Versailles is much more beautiful, and I haven't been there for many years, so Mammy and I visited it on saturday.
I had slept reeeallt bad the night before, as we live in a "human unfriendly space" as I call it, with nowhere for the heat to escape and little sounds everywhere.

There were SO many people there of course, where can you really go on saturday in Paris if you don't want to be stepped over by tourists like ourselves? Nowhere.
We managed to get through the interior if the fabulous castle alive, and moved to the huge gardens. We had a salad at a little restaurant in the bushes, that was really pleasant with shade, and surprisingly normal prices.
We saw the waterfountains show and just relaxed. It is so wonderful to get away from Paris, eventhough theres many tourists.

Back to Paradise!

My littlebrother and I happen to be in Paris at the same time and on friday we spent the day together. We decided to go to Disneyland, eventhough I have already been there, I don't mind going there again!
The weather was really nice so it was perfect, and we got tickets for both parks (there's also a park next to the main park called Disney Studios) eventhough I usually just go to the main park.
Disney Studios has probably my favourite rollercoaster called "Aerosmith's Rock'n'Rollercoaster". It goes so fast that you can't breath when it starts, and your hairdo looks like something fallen out of a cartoon when you're finished.
We tried to take as many rides as possible, and it was less people there than it was the last time I was there.
Disney Studios had another ride as well that we took before going home called "Crush's Coaster". It was surprising, because I thought it would be more for children, but it was pretty fast and more extreem than I thought.

(Photo's will come.)

Family meeting.

On thursday I had booked the day to meet my family. I have 4 halfsiblings in France, and since I don't see them that often, I have to make sure that I can when I'm in Paris.
Since Paris is that kind of place where you expect the metro and getting somewhere to be a reeeally long trip, I got going pretty early. Usually you get pretty surprised when you end up on your destination 45 minutes too early. I guess that's the scandinavian mentality: never be late - be early.
I came to the Chateau the Vincennes and took a walk around it and just relaxed. From all the noises of Paris, it was quite a brake.
I saw my new nephew and new neice and had a really good time with my siblings.

Shopping and reading...

On wednesday Hege went back to Norway. We had a great time together and it's too bad she had to go back so early.
Mammy and I shopped a littlebit that day and took a walk around Galeries Lafayette.
A friend of mine who's an excellent painter had her painting on a book cover and was there with the author and some other people talking about the book.
The book is called "Au Paradis Avec Michael Jackson" (In Paradis With Michael Jackson) and is a very interesting book about when the author was in Africa with Michael in 1994 (I believe).
This author is a french historian and he was approached by Michael after he saw his talking about Leonardo Da Vinci on Good Morning America.
The author (Gonzague Saint Bris) was impressed by how much Michael knew about history and so this book is basically about Michael and art.
Sadly it's only in French at the moment, but if you can, you should read it.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Strolling around Paris.

We moved out from my friend's place on sunday and into my grandmoter's friends attic. It was actually really nice, very artistic with lots of collectibles in shelves and tiiiny space. We're in the very heart of Paris, just next to Champs Elysees, so it's very practical.

Yesterday we went to a wax museum called "Musee Grevin" that I've been to a thousand times. Hege hadn't been there before so I wanted to take her there.
We went up to Montmartre, where I used to live about 3 years ago, and ate at a lovely pizza restaurant there.
We walked at Montmartre the whole day and looked at art and people. There's so much people that it's almost impossible to go anywhere, and ALL the paintings you can see almost has the Eiffeltower on it. When we passed an art gallery that I've visited many times, I told Hege that "we have to go there, they have really cool art!"
Before we went in, the owner sat just next to it having a coffee and I asked very politely if we could enter. He just said: "No, please continue), and did a gesture for us to move along. I asked why, and he didn't want to answer, just said that he didn't want us to go into his gallery. A lady next to us looked at us and rolled her eyes, and I said to her "he's crazy". She agreed and I told the guy the same thing. Then I said "you're never gonna sell anything in your life", and did what he told me: moved along.
Ah, the french. Even to the frech.

Aye aye Captain!

On saturday we went to the happiest place on Earth: DISNEYLAND!
I haven't been there since I saw Michael Jackson there in 2006, and yet again I was gonna see him, but this time on the 3D screen as Captain EO.
I saw Captain EO when I was a child in the 90's but it was taken off in 1997 to make something new for the park. Ofcourse when Michael died they put it back up, the old and original but with some new effects like the whole floor moving to the rhytms of Michael music and some other effects.
It was a bit sad, but also really fantastic to see again, and not least to see how MANY people went to see it! It was full everytime and people got to remember Michael as the king again and nothing else for a while.
OK, I'm talking too much...hehe.

The day was pretty cold, but it was nicer than boiling while waiting in the lines for the rides. We did all the rides we wanted, and for once in my life I didn't end up like one of those people who have their lives in hundreds of bag in the street, after I left the park.

The Romans are coming!!!

On friday we went somewhere I've been wanting to go since I was little: Parc Asterix!
France are very into comics, and they have one called "Asterix". I don't know how well known it is all over the world, but in Europe most people know it I beleive.
It was a big complicated to get there, we had to go to the Louvre and take a bus that went ONCE a day to the park. On the internet it sais that it costed 39 euros to go into the park, but when we payed it was 62 euros. The internet site was only in french so we hadn't registered that it was only 39 if you ordered tickets on the net.

After a long busride we arrived at the park and walked into the busy shoppingstreets of Ancient Europe. However Europe was pretty closed and we continued to the heart of Europe: Gaule (France). We took a CRAZY rollercoaster that had more loops than I've ever seen and when we "landed back on the ground" I felt like what a hangover must feel like. So I've told.
The park was pretty cool, but not so childfriendly, I felt like the rides were most for young people/adult (which of course wasn't a problem for me).
I was a bit dissapointed by the fact that we didn't see a single Asterix figure to take a photo with though, and I felt that many things were closed. The price was a bit too high, HIGHER than Disneyland, for what you get. I think the reason is that the park is closed most of the year...
The park was made into different areas (all ancient of course), Greece, Gaule, Rome, Vikings or Norway, and Germany I think.
We had a nice day, and especially when things started opening during the day and the characters started to pop up.
My lovely childhood idols.

Paris je t'aime!

I'm in my birthtown: Paris.
I have been here since wednesday with my granmother and Hege. We stayed with a friends appartment for 4 nights.
On thrusday we went to Louvre, my favourtise museum. We were there for a looong time, and nobody can say that we haven't been working out just because we haven't been to the gym! Our feet and legs were so sore we could hardly walk the next day! We saw Napoleon's quarters in Louvre, which quite frankly I would mind opening my sleepingbag in and take a nap.
We went around the Opera to Japan Town and had Ramen, a type of noodle soup that I have been missing ever since I moved from Paris! (One of the few things I, just kidding. Or not.)

(Photo's will come.)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Groovy times!

This weekend I met some friends to celebrate Michael Jackson. Yes, I'm a nerd I know. However, in my experience, being a "nerd" is what get you new and interesting friends.
The older you get, the harder it is to get friends. You don't go to school, which is where your friendbase usually is, and unfortunately, most people get more and more preoccupied with their closest cirle of people, that they do go out there much. And I'm not talking about going out there as if in going out on the town, drunk and "getting to know people".

It has always been important to me to be true to myself and what I'm interested in, and never be afraid to show it. I enjoy meeting people who burns for the same things as me and have a good time.
It's still not "cool" to be TOO enthusiastic about ANYTHING in life. Mostly it's best to go with the flow and like whatever is going on at the time. That's not me.
I've always met new friends wherever I've gone through my hobbies.

The party was fun, we watched the HIStory concert in Helsinki and Ghosts. And danced like crazy! What do ya'll think? Is my MJ moves allright?

Saturday, 12 June 2010

To hell and back again...

My foot is hurting. My grandmother is visiting from Norway to help me to organize a couple of things around the appartment. The little space in the attic that we have for our stuff is overcrowded with empty boxes and unidentifiable things making us worthy for a stageplace and two part show at Dr.Phil.
Yesterday we went to IKEA (or as I call it: "hell"). I cannot help it, but maybe it's the french blood flowing through my veins that just can't accept the scandinavian interior style. I hate the sharp edges and light wood, not to mention the minimalistic feel. I like a home that shines with personality and shows the guests who you are.
If our home shows who we are right now, it's time to make a change. With Simo's job, the luxury problem of too many DVD/Blu-rays can be very real. The wall seems to puke out DVD's all over the place as if it's protesting and saying "I don't want this shit on my wall"! (Yes, much of it is shit actually - much that isn't open and never will be opened...)
Finding a DVD shelf was easy enough, as our old one is already from IKEA, and they don't change they main look that often. We found another one with the same look that we will place next to the old one.
Surprisingly, we didn't end up with a bunch of things we didn't really need (which is the curse of IKEA), but it was impossible to find a suitable bookshelf to either replace the old one, or stand next to it.
I was so happy when we were finally finished after all our adventures that I can't even describe it. We were not ready for any more delays, walking or even standing!
With rainy weather and no car, but a lot of new handluggage we decided to call a taxi.
1 1/2 hours later, and no taxi. How the time went that fast I have no idea, but I guess sticking my forehead and nose on the window like a dog made the time the secret has been revealed.
We called a new taxi and the new one came right away. The driver was really cool, he had been to almost the whole of Norway and recognized our language imidiately when Mammy and I started speaking together.

So today our quest for the bookshelf continued...
We went to another bunch of furniture stores around the center and so on, and ended up with NOTHING! It's just a BOOKSHELF! How can it be so difficult?!
However we DID find some other much needed stuff and the springcleaning can begin...
God have mercy on me.

Monday, 7 June 2010

A wild night at Apollo!

On saturday I went out with my friend Jaana. She is my party-girl and we have so much fun going out together. Firt we went to eat at a restaurant called Amarillo here in Helsinki. I've never been there before but I've heard that the food isn't that great. I was plesantly surprised though, when I had my "chevre-burger" and it was fantastic! We went to see Robin Hood after that, eventhough I've seen it before. I really liked it, so I didn't mind. Jaana had heard that there was gonna be a live band at Apollo, so we decided to go there, eventhough we usually seem to end up there anyways. It's a really cool place. We came "early" and there was plenty of room on the dancefloor. I had put on my best outfit, and NEW I might add, and my new Ed Hardy shoes that I LOVE! Simo bought them for be with his Poker money (yes, you heard me), so that he can keep me bribed into letting him play.

I noticed that quite a few guys were eyeballin' us as we were dancing our life away, and we had a really good time! All the while I was very careful with my bag that I had on the floor and my new shoes, to make sure that no one would spill their drinks on them. While we were dancing, a waiter came to collect some empty glasses near us. The idiot already had a bottle in his hand, and when he greedily took the glass with the same hand, he caused the bottle to go upside down and pour what was left in there all over Jaana's stuff. There was of course no "sorry", no "oops", not even any eyerolling to be spoken of, but then again, the gentleman has flown away... After a while, Jaana went to get another drink, and I continued to dance by myself. Suddenly I felt a cold shiver going down my whole body as someone smasked into me with his tray of drinks, and all the drinks came pouring down over me. I got completely wet, and my legs (and ofcourse my shoes) got the worst of it. To my horror, I heard a squishy sound from my feet connecting with my shoes, and my second thought was on my bag and content of it. Luckily, it was all right, but that was pretty much the showstopper for me. I went to sit next to a very nice guy, who infact WAS gentleman (maybe because he was foreign...?) and when Jaana came back we took it a bit easy. After I while I noticed that I was bleeding on my leg. I fulled off a peice of my own flesh attatched to a peice of glass and discovered that my whole body was covered in tiny glass splinters. But hey - the music and company was good and my shoes are clean.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Artsy days...?

The other day the artist association that I'm a member of here in Helsinki had a day at a museum. We usually meet in a Cafe and we also out meetings there, so we decided that we should try another place, and what better place for artists than a museum?
We went to the Amon Andersson museum that had an exhibition of Escher, and artist that made mostly prints in a very tricky and mathematical fashion. It really amazed me, bothered me also, but still, it's not really my cup of tea. The rest of the museum collections were more of my taste though, with Roccoco classics and beautiful frames. At the top floor theres sort of a church with beautiful art in it. Worth seeing if you drop by Helsinki.
I DID find an interessting peice of art on my way to the toilet though...

The next day I went to another exhibition by my friend Semra who is also a member of the same assiciation I am in.
She had her exhibition in the main library here in Helsinki, with 6 peices. And as always, it was brilliant.

You can see more of her art here:

The AGAIN, I saw some art in the center...first I was like "what kinda party has beein going on there?!". But apparently, my friend told me that this is supposed to be "art" about the enviroment. Yes, I get it. Enviroment is an important thing and we all should think about it, but it's not really working for me this "art".
Then again, who am I to judge art? What is art? And if this is art, IS there such a thing as art at all?