Sunday, 28 February 2010

February sucks!

I'm so seriousely bored. Maybe it's that time of the year, or maybe even the time of the month...all I know is that it's quite funny, since I'm extreemely stressed and have a thousand thought all screaming in my head at this time. The weather is tormenting me, I've forgotten what colour the sky is and I don't think theres a single living thing left in the nature of this place.

So many things need to be done, and yet I feel like I'm doing nothing. This is the punishment for being a crative person my grandma always told me. And it's true. I'm all the time doing something, and feel like I'm doing nothing. Always projects, project and projects and boredom.
Don't get me wrong, it's not always like that, but I've had a period now where the horizon isn't exactly coming any closer...
An exhibition I'm part of is coming up this saturday, and my painting isn't finished yet. I'm stressing about that, eventhough I'm painting and painting.
I think it's soon time to get going somewhere and experience...but then I'm stressing about that too.

And also, stressing about new look for the's coming.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Princess and the Frog.

So there's a new Disney film out. One that had gotten a lot of publicity long before it hit the cinemas because it is infact creating history. It is the first Disney film ever to have a lead role who is african-american.
When I heard about it I was so happy - finally I new Disneyfilm with a classic Disney look! Beautiful drawings, music and classical tale. Simo and I went to see it last saturday, and I was not dissapointed one bit. Even Simo liked it. It was absolutely enchanting, but scary - maybe even a bit TOO scary for the younger children, dealing a lot with death and voodoo. The humour in the film is not over the top and hyper, but classy and delicate and goes very well with the story. The mixture of humans and animals interacting and communicating together is also typical old Disney and of course the music. However, the music DID dissapoint me a littlebit. I understand that it is New Orleans and jazz and all, but there was never really any music or songs that stood apart from the rest, no hits and it all sounded the same to me. I shouldn't be picky though, concidering that it actually HAD music.

Go see it everyone!!!

Karma's a bitch!

Yesterday I went to the gym after work. I prefer to go in the morning when there's less people, but I put on a brave face and went anyway.
When I arrived, the gym was more packed that I've ever seen before, women frantically pushing weights until their joints almost went the wrong way. I went on the treadmill and started my program which lasts for about 30 mins. When I had 5 minutes left I noticed a woman lurking around me, behind me with a face of a teenager who has a littlebrother who keeps embarrassing her. When I already knew it was gonna happen, she comes to the side of the treadmill and says something to me in finnish. I don't understand and she starts speaking english to me: -"Don't you know that you're not supposed to use the machine for more than 20 minutes?" Of course I knew, but concidering that I pay over 400 euros a year to go there, quite frankly, I think I have payed to use it how long I want to. -"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know," I lied, while looking around me, trying to find a place where this statement was written. Of course it was written, but only on the other machine and in finnish, so I said what I was thinking out loud: -"How should I know?"
Normally I would have given the machine to her in a heartbeat, but I had only 5 minutes left on the program and told her so. I would give it to her right away when I was finished. She sighted and continued lurking around for a second. Then she says VERY loudly in finnish (THAT much I understand after living here for years) to one person working here: -" Well, she's still using the machine, and you're supposed to only use it for 20 minutes." - "Oh", the girl answered. After much frustration of waiting for 5 minutes, the woman goes to another treadmill that is free and starts walking. A minute later I'm done and steps off mine, only to have another woman jump on it right away. The other woman who waited for it, gives a LOUD sigh and starts laughing sarcastically for everyone to hear.
Karma's a bitch.
The again - today my body aches. Maybe the karma is on ME! Naaaah...

People, people, people...

The other day I had a really bad day. It started eeearly in the morning and lasted pretty much the whole day at work. Simo and I have an agreement this week that we should make some exotic food each day, since we love to make food and have plenty of cookbooks, but it always seems to be forgotten.
So it was my turn that day, and after work I had to get myself to the most busy shop of Helsinki to get something as exotic as...CRAB!!! Atleast here it's exotic...
After I got everything at this very expensive store I decided despite all my bad mood to go to another, much cheaper one to get the rest there. All ready to go into the store, getting a cart and...I have no 50 cent to put into the cart (I guess in scandinavia we're terrified that somebody might steal the carts), I only had 50 cents in small coins. I see a man selling shoesoles nearby and ask him if he has a 50 cent coin so we can swap. He doesn't but he has a 1 euro coin, and I can have that he says and just return it to him when I'm done.
I though that was very nice AND rare in this world we live in, so I decided to buy him a Coke from the store. When I returned he was having his dinner sandwich and a drink and refused the Coke. - "Come here", he says! "Are you here on wednesday?" I didn't know exactly what to answer and I went "Ehhh...I'm not sure..." after all, what does he need me for on wednesday?
-"I don't want that 1 euro back, lets buy lottery tickets!" I thought uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into, but followed along to the cashier that replied -"Why am I not surprised" when he said he wanted lottory tickets, obviousely already known in the neighbourhood.
He gave me the ticket and said we'll split the pot if we win, and I have to check on wednesday if we had. I stood talking to him for a while and he showed me a book where he had people all over the world to sign, and I had to also do it since I wasn't from Finland. The he asked me -"What shoesize are you"? That's when I though -"Here it comes...this is the time I have to buy something..." But when I told him, he slipped a pair of soles into my bag and said -"Don't worry about it, they will warm your feet."
I saw when I left that they originally cost 18 euroes. I hope he didn't get in trouble for giving me a pair for free...
He seriousely made my day.

It's amazing how a stranger can make you really happy, just like that.
People can get you down, and people can get you back up again in a heartbeat.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Sick, sicker, sickest...

On wednesday afternoon I started to get a bit ill. I went home that day and stayed home sick on thursday. I got better on thursday evening so I decided to go to work on friday. I felt completely fine, even energetic.
Later though, when I went to my art course, just before I was about to go home my stomach started to hurt again. I was thinking that maybe it was because I ate candy that day, but I really felt like throwing up. When I came home I felt so bad that I went straight to bed. I felt like I was gonna freeze to death underneath three layers of covers and obviousely had a fever.
The next day I was suppose to be at my very first Star Wars trooping at a gamestore, but I had to stay home since I had an even higher temperature...that sucked.
I just relaxed that day, and watched the day go by without me as the room got darker and darker. I watched bad TV and slept.
On sunday it was Valentine's Day and Simo had planned an evening so I had to get myself up from the bed. I felt much better, but still noticed my stomach kicking me in the ribs when I ate the mexican food we had. We then went to a premiere for "I love you Philip Morris" with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, and obviously I felt better since I got really dissapointed by the fact that the old cinema we went to didn't have a popcorn stand! We got a FAKE Cola (motherf***ers!) and a bag with 4 peices of candy in them (I snatched with me 2 bags...)
The film in itself was very OK, it was funny of course and Ewan McGregor is a great actor, so I enjoyed it, but I was left with more confusion that what Jim Carrey's character had in the end...

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Meet my Oscar!

So this is Oscar - my new love.
He is a HP Pavilion Entertaiment PC and I like him very much. He is a little bit flamboyant and decorative and a tad - gay, but hey, he gets the job done!

Monday, 8 February 2010

The wheels on the bus goes round and round...part 3.

So I've realized that one can open a blog only about bus rides.
Yes, I am very glad that I don't have a car, because after all, it seems like most of my life playes itself out on the bus. If I want it or not.
I try to read. I try to disconnect from the world. Especially in the mornings when all I want to do is to have some peace and quiet before a busy day. That is very difficult when you have an african busdriver who clearly has some real sense of rhythm and soul...the music is playing on what we are ment to believe is a radio (but I really think it's his OWN CD, damn him!), and what would be the gospel channel. The music is quite nice actually, I guess I can even call it...lovely?
The music that starts as a soft song builds up to the climax, and with it comes an out of tune moan that sounds more like a horny male cat calling for his mate.
There must be something wrong with the radio. Nope. The busdriver is singing from the deep of his heart and soul, and loud as he can aaall the way to the center...

It's even HARDER to read when you have someone next to you who is so afraid to look at other human beings that she just HAS to look at the window. All the time. She of course doesn't think about the fact that while she makes sure that she doesn't accidentally stare at soemone, it seems like she's staring at ME! I'm the one who's sitting closest to the window after all, and she is sitting with her whole front towards me with her face towards my cheek. I think I read my book with a slight frown on my forehead that trip.

Eventhough I like to read on the bus, there's not always the chance for it. The bus I take is popular, for all kinds of people, and with busdrivers these days who drive like drivers from Nicaragua (Simo tells me), it can be a very scary trip. You have to hold on for your dear life, and God know's if you're gonna die in a traffic accident or by suffocation under a 6-day old sweaty armpit. Again, another negative factor with being short, you can't lift your head above the smells...
And for some reason, the more people the stronger smell and always around me. The phone people are the worst. And believe me; here in Finland, the land of Nokia, there's plenty of them! They pop up everywhere, and they are constant with different intensity levels. As soon as their phoneconversation is over, they frantically dial another number and it all starts again.
I'm sitting and reading again, minding my own business, and a phoneguy stands next to me, talking so loud that I can't focus on my book. I want him to be quiet, but mostly of all because of his horrible breath. Apperantly, something is very funny on the other line, 'cause he laaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhgs with a loooong "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" sound, pouring out all the stink that he has left in his lungs. Right on me. Then the coughing starts. I find a deep urge to tell him to "hold his hand over his mouth", like I tell the children almost every day, but I keep myself from it. I move, and the guy immidiately sits down on my space.

That's Guy - 1 Elise - 0

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


So it's official. My lover has said bye bye, and I have to replace him.

The one I'm talking about is of course my computer; Edgar.
Edgar has been a great friend, a companion through these years here in Finland. But now we have come to a point where we both have nothing more to give to eachother. Edgar is slow and boring and simply difficult. I have told him: "Come on, you motherfucker!", but he just won't listen.
It is with much regret that he must be replaced, with a younger lover, faster and most probably one that can keep going for a longer time...

Thank you Edgar. I will never forget you.