Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A walk in the forest...

When we're in Norway we use a lot of time to walk in the forest with Milla. She can go free here in the winter and you can really see that she enjoys it. She runs a lot and get very exhited if Jackie, our old dog comes along. Then she kinda bothers her, trying to dangle from her ears while she's running. Don't ask.
When Henrik and Simo decides to show their manliness and have a snowball fight, she has to be part of it.

Norwegian christmas.

My family and I have celebrated christmas abroad for many times, but for the last couple of years I've wanted to stay in Norway. Christmas abroad, and especially in the Canary Islands where a lot of scandinavians go can be pretty boring, and I'm not a beach whale, I like to explore if I go to another country.
Christmas in Norway is magical with the snow and the traditions. This year I got to taste a tradition long lost for me....the FOOD.

Basically, the Norwegian christmas food consists og meat and FAT and over here you can see the proof. My granmother scooped spoons of fat and fed the dogs, because to her big dissapointment nobody wanted a little fan on the side with their meat. I liked the meat cakes, but I'm not too fond of "Ribbe" that every norwegian eat of christmas eve; fat - meat - rib from the pig.

I had asked dad to get some new christmas decorations this year, and in an attemt of being modern I believe, he had bought ALL pink decorations and gold glitter! I bought some black decorations as well to spice it up and in the end I actually thought it looked pretty cool!

I got some really cool stuff for christmas, like the hat I've been wanting the whole winter, a digital frame, a cool bikino from GUESS, a book that I wanted, and giftcards and money and not to forget the new shoes and clothes for the gym.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

We're finally in Norway and Christmas Eve has already been, and a successful one! We came to Norway on tuesday and have been so busy getting the last things we needed before christmas. Also my aunt and uncle came to celebrate with us for the first time in a REALLY long time! That was great! We also just spend the days relaxing and taking long walks with Milla. There's SO much snow, I don't think there's ever been that much! You can't even walk very long in the forest, and the cabintrip that I was planning with friends has to be on hold until there's less snow if we'll be able to go at all.

I hope you all had a great christmas eve!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Simo and I love dogs. *duh* And every year we've been to the annual dog show here in Helsinki. It's strange, because it comes completely by surprise every year, so this year Simo checked early, and as usual, the event was closer than expected.
So last sunday we eagerly went to the second day at the dogshow, where it would not only be finnish dogs, but dogs from Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well.
Simo wanted to see a race called Anatolian Karabash (also known as a Kangal Dog), and we went back and forth to the ring where 3 of this race would be competing. While waiting we also looked at all the other races and like every year I want more dogs when I'm there. There was about 21 Border Terriers, Milla's race and some beautiful Setters which I love.
There was a also a HUGE area with booths selling all kinds of dog related things from food to toys, to...CLOTHES. We bought Milla some nice natural treats and a new really pretty collar.
When we went back to see the Anatolian Karabash they never showed up. The judges even called the owner up on the speakers, but still they never came. He was very dissapointed, but we still had a great day, with lots of fun!

Monday, 14 December 2009

The new family.

Saturday was a fun day.
Being pretty tired after a night of partying on friday with my work mates, I still dragged myself AND Simo to the center to buy some last christmas gifts. But ofcourse we went to the sci-fi store first after hearing that DARTH VADER himself was gonna show up! I don't do blind dates, so I had to go and meet him since he will be my future husband...
(Oh...I crack myself up...!)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Where has all the gentlemen gone?

When christmas shopping is going on you see the truth behind every mask that people wear. It's impressive how psycho people in a shoppingmall can be, and I think that it should be a left and right system like the road in christmas time to prevent stressed shoppers to crash into the people who just wants a safe shopping experience. What surprises me is that most of these people are men. I would expect the women to be more stressed and crazy, but no. It's the men. The shove me out of their way to get through a door before me, they see I'm coming behind them and closes the door straight on my face, the take the last space in the elevator without a second thought eventhough I was before them.


I know two gentlemen. My boyfriend Simo and my friend Carl Philip.
They actually THINK about it, work their routine around mine to make sure that a door is always open for me, actually they MAKE it their routine.
I'm so used to it by now that I actually catch myself being a bit rude sometimes and go first right away when someone opens a door.
But these days, that's a luxury problem.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The wheels on the bus goes round and round...part 2.

Yesterday I had been to the gym and was pretty tired when I was finished. I went to buy some home made chocolate at the mall I work out in, and for some reason I got kind of "high" from the chocolate. I went around smiling for nothing and felt like I was walking on a cloud or something. I've heard of this before, but never experienced it myself, and I guess concerning most "highs", the outcome can be surprising...?
So I sort of floated to the bus stop and there was a drunk guy there. He didn't have alcohol with him and I'm not actually sure if he was a drunk or just crazy.
When a woman came and stood next to him his mouth just opened like a huge big black hole and all kinds of devilish bullshit came pouring out! (I understand enough Finnish to understand the shit at least...that's always the first you learn in every language.)
I saw that people around us that were also waiting for the bus reacted differently to what he was saying but most of them looked at eachother with a "whatthehell"-look. All of a sudden he started to cough really violently and his whole body sort of had it's own life and his arms and legs went everywhere; to the sides, up in the air - you name it, while all sorts of goo came flying out his nose and mouth as he started to sneeze. After a loud sneeze he exclaims: "SWINEFLU!"
That just took me to a whole other level and I stared to laugh. Loud. I noticed that a guy started to laugh too and that ofcourse didn't help the situation and I actually had to move and go away to be able to calm down.
When the bus came I waited till he had entered before I did, 'cause from my experience weird people ALWAYS sit next to me for some reason. I don't know what it is in my face that screams out: "come sit next to me! I REALLY need a new pal to talk to!"
He sat in a space where four seats towards eachother and every time a woman sat down there he started talking. The thing is, he never stopped, not even after they left the bus and at one point the busdriver went to him and told him to be quiet or he'll throw him off the bus. Surprisingly, he did as he was told. A woman sitting by him with a friend came and sat next to me when her friend left the bus. We started to talk together and she was a lovely woman, telling me how she had been to Lofoten in Norway and all kinds of things.
I love to talk to people (maybe that's what the weird people see in me) and it's interesting to have a conversation with a complete stranger that you will probably never see again. This is something that is rare in scandinavia, and I would say most of all in Finland. When we started to talk I noticed that people were staring at us as if expecting one of us to be a complete psycho and attack the other. I have no idea what her name was. We probably have nothing in common really and the age was around 40 year between us. All I know is that she gave me something that day.
(Hopefully not the swineflu...)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Nerd? Me?

Last week I went to the center to do some shopping and came across a window that I had forgotten about. I had passed it before when that store hadn't opened yet, but now it had. It was a sci-fi/fantasy store and it had a life-size C-3PO standing in the window. Everyone who knows me well knows that I'm a complete Star Wars nerd, and so naturally I went inside the shop.
I've been trying to find the white arena Padme costume from Episode 2 for a while without luck and asked the guy behind the desk for help. He told me that if I'm a Star Wars fan and interested in costumes and such I should have a look at two websites called 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. Basically it's a lot of Star Wars fans from all over the world who dress up as different characters and meet children and go to events for charity. The guy said that I would be a great Padme (that was great for me ego) and so I thought about it for a while.
Today I met two other members of the finnish group and their lovely children, and we decided that I will join them! I'm so exhited and can't wait to start on this new adventure and do some charity work for children.

Ah. I love my life.

This is the costume I'm looking for. This was done in Disneyland, my head on Natalie Portman's body.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Walk in my shoes...

The other day I was on a hunt for a new pair of training shoes, and ended up talking to this guy in a store selling shoes for runners. He showed me these new type of shoes called MBT. What's interesting with them is that their soles are curved, and so you have to balance when you walk on them.
I have always slouched my back especially when I walk, and Simo and others have always told me to straighten up. It's hard though, when you're so used to it and then it's really unnatural to think about it all the time. It just doesn't work. So these shoes are for people who slouch, 'cause when you all the time have to balance, you are working your inner abs constantly, and keeping your back straight. You just CAN'T slouch, it's not possible. I can feel it working already. My stomach muscles are sore and my back is hurting a bit, which the guy told me was completely normal in the beginning.
So this is something I can suggest to others with the same problem.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Another exhibition!

On tuesday I went to the vernissage of the exhibition I'm part of this month. It's a groupexhibition with the members of the artclass I go to on thurdays. It was very interesting with very different work in it, and I got a good space there for my painting. We had a nude model in the course for a few weeks a while ago, and instead of just drawing or painting her straight forward, I wanted to put her into a setting. I thought it would be a great exercise. I decided to paint her as a fairy, at night time.
The funny thing is that she has similar features as me, like dark long (at the time) hair and so on, so many people think that it's me!
A woman there told me that an old man had looked at my painting and said: "A woman like that...that wouldn't be wouldn't be bad at all." LOL!