Monday, 30 November 2009

MTV Presents..."WHAT THE FUCK?"

MTV used to be a really cool channel. I remember when I was a kid and how much fun it was to flip through the channels and always through MTV many times to see if there happened to be some music that I liked on at the time.
MTV shouldn't be called MTV anymore. It should be called RTV (Reality TV).
I think nowadays the music is 15 percent and the rest in reality shows with names as "A Shot at Love", "From G's to Gents" and "Brooke Know's Best". All of them are of course designed to make us "normal" people look up to the rich and famous even more, because after all, that is very necessary for their business. And we LIKE to watch and imagine that life for ourself, it's great entertaiment.

But MTV has officially hit their rock bottom. I have just seen a commercial for their new upcoming show, called "What The Fuck?"
It seemed like a very similar show to "Jacksass" or "Viva La Bam, AGAIN, basically doing a bunch of stupid stuff for the camera.

I mean, what the fuck?

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wii Fit Plus!

For those of you who has Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit, this is really something you have to have! I'm not that type of person who buys anything and feels like I NEED stuff and do commercial about it, but this I have to tell about. This is basically an add on thingy for the Wii Fit with lots of new games to play and a calorie calcualtor. You can also weigh your pet or baby. I feel that that is maybe a bit unnecessary, but the games are great! The snowball fight is so funny, and you have a crazy Japanese-like obstacle course walk through and even juggling!
You really feel it afterwards in your whole body, it's great exercise!

Painting and painting...

These days I've been really busy painting. There is an exhibition coming up on thursday with the people from my art course. I was planning to have my painting inspired by the Route 66 trip this summer there, but it's big, and I haven't had the time to finish it. The teacher said that he really wanted me to exhibit that one there, but I don't wanna stress too much with it right now that I haven't been able to sleep and all lately.
So I've decided to give another painting instead so I can focus on getting this right, and not showing it before it's ready and I'm happy with it.
The funny thing is that after that decision I've slept really well...does it have a connection? I don't know.

And no, I don't usually dress up to paint...we were going out to see "2012". Not as bad as I suspected I might add.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

A little justice...

So Evan Chandler has takes his own life.
For those of you who don't know who he is, this article is for those who knows. And those who knows probably feels the same way as I do.
There is some small small justice in this world.


Monday, 16 November 2009

...and with winter came depression...

I've had problems sleeping for a while. I'm not exactly sure why, but I know that I think too much about stuff at night time that keeps me awake. Sometimes I don't and I just can't sleep. I'm in a stressful time right now, having an exhibition coming up the 30th of november that I'm gonna be in, but I don't think it's that either. Some nights I get no sleep at all, and it's exhausting to be so tired during the day, and having to have patience with children AND adults.
I'm a littlebit anxious also and feel a bit paranoid these days, and I cry easily. And I'm noticing that the weather is affecting me a lot. Gray, gray and gray.

This weekend was great; I had a friend over from saturday to sunday and we had so much fun. Then from saturday to sunday Simo had a friend over as well. Last night I got no sleep whatsoever eventhough I didn't go to bed especially late.
So this morning I decided to go to the doctor. She told me that I have a TINY depression (which is also what I thought) and that can cause the sleeping problems. I got some sleeping pills that I will take during a time of 3 weeks and hopefully it will help.

Good night!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Winter is here!

Finally winter is here. Not that I'm so much looking forward to winter, but I don't like the phase between autumn and winter, the one that just has rain and boneaching cold. At least now the snow is starting to come and it gets much lighter outside. Eventhough it gets colder also, it always seems like it doesn't when the snow comes. It's not only me who likes the snow. Milla gets really happy when it comes and she likes to play in it. Her favourite is to cool down her snoute and play mole and make tunnels in it. Then she pops up with her face full of snow!

Friday, 6 November 2009


Sorry that this came so late! I had some problems with making the file smaller so that it would be possible to put it on the blog. It's also quite long; about 10 minutes. I hope you have patience to watch it, hehe.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

One more day!

I was supposed to answer the questions that you've asked me yesterday, but I had a reeeally lazy and wonderful day, and took everything easy, so no videoblogs for you then. So therefore, I give you one more day, and hopefully tonight after I've seen This Is It with a friend again, I'll do a videoblog and answer you. If not, You'll get it tomorrow. I've gotten questions already (I won't post them) and you have this extra day to come up with something more if you want to.

Ask away!