Friday, 30 October 2009

"This is it!"

On wednesday was the premiere for "This Is It!" here in Helsinki. I couldn't make it, but I still made my way to the big square by the biggest mall Kamppi here, to look at a MJ show before I went on my way. 400 dancers rocked the place with MJ dancing while a huge screen showed the trailer for the film. Thousands of people showed up to see, and it was ALMOST as crowded as on a real Michael concert. It was great to see people cheering to his music!

Yesterday I went to see "This Is It!" with Simo. I had refused to watch the trailer before and read anything about it, so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when there was no teardropping music that was edited into the film to MAKE you cry. Obviousely some tears still came at the end of the film. One girl started to sob in the beginning of the film when a text came that said that Michael died in june (amongs other things...). Simo thought it was someone making fun, but I knew that MJ fans were sitting right there where the sound came from.
I liked the film. It was fun to see MJ just being himself. I can recommend it to anyone, also people who aren't fans. I don't think it's a fan movie, it's interessting for all. (Except maybe "Billie Jean" which might seemed to last forever.)
I must admit that I was shocked though, to see Michael looking so drained. After seeing that, I don't think that he looked "perfectly healthy" as many people said, before his death. I've been a fan for a long time, and seen hundreds of videoclips from his whole career. He's always been skinny, but I've never seen him THAT skinny. But he still managed to rock!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Saaanta Claus is coming to town!

...with yoghurt for y'all!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Thrill The World!

Yesterday after I had been out with Jaana, I met some Michael Jackson fans by the Railway Station for "Thrill The World". It was basically the Thriller dance done by fans (and non-fans) ALL over the world at the exact same time, for us 03.30! I had decided to film instead of dancing, and I must say it was spectacular, seeing 89 people performing Thriller together! A lot of people showed up to watch the performance, and it got lots of applause.

Also showing you some pics with some cool zombies here.

A great saturday!

I don't go out THAT often, but when I do, I like to go out with a friend who likes to dance! My favourite party-friend is Jaana, we always have a good time. Yesterday we went to a place called The Circus, that I've never been to. It had a great dancefloor, but it seemed a bit that type of place where underaged rich kids go, and I saw characters looking like Paris Hilton, with pink dresses, blonde long hair and tiaras and even a guy who looked like Malfoy from Harry Potter! The music was pretty bad, but we still managed to dance, so that's good. The light-effects made up for it!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Time to ask!

I made this video a few days ago, I believe it was wednesday, but I coulnd't upload it before today, so a little late. So the deadline for asking questions is until next saturday. Ask away!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Amazing! My blog has been read 3000 times from january till now! I see more and more readers every day, and it makes me happy and inspired to keep writing. I hope that you will keep reading my blog and create a dialogue with me, and I hope that you will take the time to asnwer my poll on the right side of the site to let me know what you enjoy to read about here the most.

Thank you everybody!

Monday, 12 October 2009




A double espresso, please!

So I got up at 6.00 this morning, starting the day with a sugarfree Mad Croc energy drink before heading to the gym that opened at 7.00, after having a dream that I got too late to work today I might add, so arriving at the gym I walked fast pace in uphill on the treadmill for an hour burning 1000 kcal., to the shower, no time to wash/dry hair, and off to work trying to get there a bit earlier, don't really know why, maybe because being paranoid after weird dream, but maybe it would help with a coffee, of course it will, so off to Robert Coffee ordering a double espresso, sure I need it don't I, AAAAARGH *pain*, coffeeshock, I don't even like coffee, but at least this coffee was better than the one at work, any coffee would be better at the one at work, there's something about work coffee, I'm sure, double espresso is very painful, better cool it down with a Coca-Cola today, yes it's monday and I'll treat myself with a Coke with SUGAR, AAAAAAAH NIIICE!!!, what??? my boss calls me when I'm in the hallway coming up towards the work, have you slept in she asks, no have I I wonder, no, oops I mixed up the times of when I should have been at work and we all laughed a bit and I drank a bit of Coffee I mean Coke, THIS BETTER WORK!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGHXDBGSPPVHSIBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZOAUA


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Yantra you, yantra me...

Simo and I can be serious modern-hippie-teasers. Not because we particularly don't like modern-hippies, but...oh well. We just don't like them.
No, but seriousely... joking.

A few weekends ago, Simo and I got invited to a wedding of an old friend of him. There is a whole religion or faith if you will, connected to the Yoga culture, but the modern view on yoga is the physical part, that we know. Meditation and so on. The religion in itself is more complicated and Simo has a few friends who is part of it. So the wedding was a yoga wedding, and we felt a bit out of place there. I had put on my nicest dress that I bought in Los Angeles and was ready to shine. Simo had his suit on. When we arrived, we noticed that we were the only dressed up people there, most people there looked like they had mistaken the place for YMCA.
Also, children are supposed to be free. A parent is not suppose to correct the child, and we really noticed. The whole party was STUFFED with children, behaving like baboons, jumping all over the place! It didn't help that the adults looked at us as if they wanted us to join their...religion...

So with a little background here for you now, you might understand why I got pretty surprised to see Simo coming home with a Yantra mat. Some people calls it a yoga mat, but it has tiny acupressure points kinda like needles attacthed to it where you're suppose to lie on. In the beginning I was pretty sceptic, and especially since it was in my eyes, "a bit hippie", but I got surprised by how nice the feeling is after you've layed on it for a while. I had a terrible headache the day he bought it, and after 10 minutes of laying on it, it went away! It also helps stress, tension in the back and neck, makes the blood flow better and can even help you sleep better. So it's worth a try. (But it's painful in the beginning!)

Want to check it out more? Go to:

Friday, 9 October 2009

Being a housewife...

It's Simo's birthday today, and since we celebrated already with a very nice visit to the opera to see Mozart's Figaro's Wedding, the day has been pretty quiet. Simo is out with some friends, and I have baked a cheese cake for him as a night-after-party-snack. It's on the table infront of me, teasing me in this endless hour of waiting for my man..."Come on Elise, just a tiiiny bite", I hear. But no. I have to be strong. Especially since there's a chocolate chip pattern of a heart in the middle that will most definately be broken...

I asked Simo what kind of cake he wanted and he told me cheesecake, which I've never baked before, so it was fun. I like to bake, but do it very rarely, especially since I've been on a diet for a while. I found a site on the internet that had great recipes that I'd like to share with you:


Change of scene!

I've decided to change the layout of my blog. I got a bit bored with the old one and thought that I could spice it up with some season backgrounds and header while I try to learn about this thing called Photoshop (which I don't trust...).

Please let me know if you like it. There is a poll in the right side of the blog where you can vote if you do or not. If you don't feel free to comment and tell me why here.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Darn that buffet!

Yesterday was a weird day. Come to think of it, I've had quite a few weird days lately. Not bad days or anything, but just restless. It might be the weather that is telling me that winter if approaching - again, too early for my taste. Then again, the christmas mood is already coming a few months too early as well.

So yesterday I went with Simo who had some work to do eventhough it was sunday, to the center. My plan was to go to the gym while he worked. We hadn't had breakfast so we tried to find a place to eat, but all the places opened after 12. We planned to go to Memphis, my favourite American restaurant, but somehow ended up in a buffet that tempted our hungry stomachs.
After we ate a rather tasteless food there I went to the gym but found out that I couldn't really work out. My body just didn't seem to want to carry me very well, so after I did all the machines, I skipped the treadmill and went back to Simo's work. We decided to go home and watch a movie. We both felt a bit weird in the stomach but didn't think more about it really. After we had gone to bed, I went back up to go to the toilet. But as soon as I got up I got terribly nauseous, it kinda just hit me very hard and I threw up eight times! It's weird, I don't think I've ever gotten food poisoned before. I felt a lot better after it, but I am at home to day to recover compeltely.
One thing is for sure, no more fishy buffets for me!

(And no, it wasn't any meat that made me ill...)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

An important decision...

So I've changed something that I haven't done since I was 17.
I've started to eat meat again.

The reason for it is that I've felt tired for a while, and I know that there's nothing wrong with me. I have low iron, but take ironpills. I was talking to dad about it the other day, and I realised that I started feeling like this around the time when I became a "fake vegetarian", when I was 17. But it became so normal to feel tired, so I didn't think too much about it.
I have eaten chicken and fish the whole time, so the transition went without a problem. A lot of people said to me that I had to be careful eating meat again, so I didn't get sick. Not to eat too much too fast and so on. So far I haven't had any bad reaction, and I've eaten steaks, burgers and so on. So maybe my body needed meat and that's all. I don't know. I will have this as a test until next year and see if it affects me in a positive way. If it does, I will continue. So far I have felt better, but then again since it's so early in the test, it might be my mind playing tricks on me also.