Sunday, 27 September 2009

"Høstutstillingen" - Norwegian exhibition.

My grandmother sent me some pictures from the exhibition in Norway that I was a part of. I couldn't attend the opening myself which is of course a bit sad, especially since it's the biggest exhibition I've been in so far. She acted as my "voice" though (and probably a bit as my manager if I know her right...) and she said that my painting was taken very well, and a lot of people stopped by it and discussed it. There was really a lot of people there so that's very good, and I'm very happy.

A working saturday...

Yesterday was a weird saturday. I woke up at 7 to get ready to "go to work". Well actually, it was a seminar, with the work. We arrived at the hotel where it was held at and got a breakfast before it started. The lunch was good too, with some salad for me and pasta. The whole thing was finished around 16.00, after we had talked about the importance for children to play.

To not feel as if the whole saturday had been used for work, I asked Simo to meet me in the center and we'd go to the movies. We went with Simo's friend Taneli as well, to see "District 9". I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I love science fiction, but the problem is that very few of them are good in my opinion. However, this one was great! In the beginning I wasn't sure...I thought the aliens looked kinda silly and I wasn't sure about the style of the film, but as it went on, I got more and more sympathy with the aliens and realised that it wasn't a sci-fi movie, it's a movie about the human's greediness.

They also showed the trailer for "Avatar". I'm STILL not sure what to expect from that one. I get no feeling whatsoever when I see the trailer.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bravo! Bravissimo!

Simo has his birthday in october, but since I found a good present that had to be used now, I went for it. I bought tickets for the opera by Mozart called "Di Nozze De Figaro" (Figaro's Wedding). I've always loved opera, and especially Mozart. Simo and I have talked about going here many times, but it never really came to it. I saw that today was one of the last dates that they would have this one, and I've always wanted to see it. Since Mammy was here now for the exhibition, she came along too.

So we put on a dress and suit and looked our best and went tired but exhited to the opera. It was really fantastic. Not just the singing in itself that was flawless to my ears, but the setting and costumes. It was 3 hours long, not including a 20 minute brake. I wanted to to be longer hadn't it been for that I was quite tired. It was really funny, even today, and it's amazing how much of the humour is up to date and recognizable to us still. At the end of the opera, people clapped of course, and the actors/singer came in and bowed to the audience. Obviousely, I didn't know about here, but usually where I've been before, (EVEN in Norway!), people usually get up to stand to show their respect at the end of a show, especially when the main characters come out again on stage to bow. Not in Finland.
You barely clap here, but I was expecting with every new couple coming out to bow that that was the time to finally stand, but that moment never came. At the end the conductor came up on stage and finally made a hand gesture that signalized to stand. He had finally got it. I got up in a heartbeat, and Mammy soon followed. We were quite in front, and I started to wonder why Simo didn't get up. I looked around and found out after what seemed to be a REALY long moment of standing that the conductor in fact gestured to the orchestra, and not to the audience at all. Everybody was sitting down, except the two "french, crazy ladies." Whoops. Of course then it was too late and we had to stand by our choice and stand for some really difficult moments more, wondering of the audience clapped for the singers our their new entertaiment...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

-"We're all individuals!" -"YES! WE'RE ALL INDIVIDUALS!" -" I'm not..."

Today when I was finished at work, I went to pick Simo up from his job. As I walked in the very center of Helsinki, I saw that there was a huge line of people waiting outside a nightclub. Since it was wednesday, I reasoned that it was probably a band playing, and some fans. I noticed that it was only girls in the line, a certain age, like from 15-19 maybe and they all tried to be very different and interesting in their style it seemed like. All of them had a crazy colour, dark clothes with bring colour popping suddenly up here and there. Don't forget the bags with the sewn pathces with logoes and pictures of bands and ideas you've probably never heard of. This is not a rare thing to see in Helsinki, and I believe we have the closest people to vampires here, and althought the need to be different and seen is there, they always walk in a group, with a piercing look that tells you not to stare at them.

But as I walked on, the line just continued, and the people seemed to mix into eachother, with all the colours of the rainbow in the hairs, and they looked more like a really long parade of Mome-Raths than anything else.
However, when I had reached the end of the line, a girl in a Pikachu costume snapped me back to reality.

Great exhibition!

Yesterday was the group exhibition with Helsinki International Artist's Association. It went really well, I sang there also, with a couple of guys that were really great. One played the piano and another one sang and played the accordian (or that how one writes it...?). They managed to play all 3 songs I had just like that without having rehearsed first so that was quite impressive. The singing went pretty well, exept that I was more nervous than usual because I hadn't been able to rehearse with them beforehand.

Many people seemed to like my painting. I think many were surprised to see a painting with Michael Jackson in it, but they all said they really liked the mood. And that made me very happy as I really wanted people to feel like they would enjoy being there as well.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Visit from Norway!

My grandmother came yesterday, and I'm very happy. It's always so nice to get a visit from Norway, and Mammy always brings life anywhere she goes!
Today we were supposed to go to Ateneum, the main finnish museum to have a look at the Picasso exhibition that opened yesterday, and shop a bit. But we ended up shopping A LOT, with no museum visit. My main goal was to find, a new bag, something to have in my hair for the exhibition thats coming up in tuesday, and a new wallet. Sure enough, I managed to get my old and battered Donald Duck wallet changed with a more elegant one, but I also ended up with a new jacket, a skirt, a dress, a new pair of shoes and a whole bunch of candy! I'm also sitting here with a film that I'm too tired to see..."Fanboys", but I do look forward to see it tomorrow (and I hope they we're worth those extra 5 EUROS I have to pay to have it an extra day!).

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I'm in!

There is an art exhiition called "Høstutstillingen" that I have talked about before here, that I have submitted art for, in the hope that a jury would pick me to be in it. This is in Norway, and is for established artist's only. This year though, they have an opening for anyone who wants to try to be part of it, with the jury picking out the ones they like the most.

I'm really happy to say that I got accepted! I'm so exhited, it's probably the biggest exhibition I will be part of so far, and it's just too bad that I can't be in Norway when it opens.

I sent in 5 works, and they said that they wanted more, but could only pick out one, since it had been so many people wanting to be part of it this year. They picked out "What is Home?", a self portrait where I'm holding my French passport in my hand, while having a Norwegian flag wrapped around my head.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I'm on the radio!

Well, actually, I was on thursday. But since the program I was in are sending their interviews in at the time where most people are at work, theres an internet site also where you can listen to it.
I'm a member of the Helsinki International Artist Association (HIAA), and the program "Thirty Minutes of Fame" are interviewing some of it's members. I'm number 2 on the list, discussing art and other things.

Check it out:

Friday, 11 September 2009


Yes, and I know some more too!
I have started to take Spanish lessons. I felt it was a good idea to do so, since Simo and I have talked a bit about possibly moving to Los Angeles. This summer, on Route 66, I got surprised to notice how many people actually spoke Spanish and NOTHING else in America. I mean, I knew, but not that it was so many.

The class is in a place where I take art lessons as well, and it is in Swedish. As most of you know, I speak Swedish at work.
The teacher was cool, quite young and in a good mood. There was many more students there that what I expected.
When the teacher asked who knew a littlebit Spanish or had studied it before, this lady behind me said: "Well, I know French perfectly, so I'm sure it won't be that hard to learn this". The teacher said that she should remember that this is not French though, and while there might be similarities, it's a completely different language. During the whole class, the woman exclaimed "Oh, it's JUST like in French!" To almost anything, and after the class she went to the teacher and started speaking French to him. Actually, he knew French, and since I also stood there I started speaking French to him too (I AM French, but suck at the grammar, since I lived in Norway almost my whole life...). The woman shot me a furious look, as if I had taken her few minutes of glory, and looked me up and down. When I met her in the bathroom later, she started asking pretty much my whole life story in French, and the funny part was that she absolutely sucked at it. I don't think I understood half of what she said.
I wonder how fast she'll learn Spanish...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

One finished painting, one to go...

There are two art exhibitions coming up for me in september. Hopefully...
The one that I will for sure be a part of is Helsinki Interntational Artist's Association's exhibition here in Helsinki, and the other one is one in Norway. The one in Norway has a jury and you have to send in your works to them and wait for an answer, if you have been accepted or not. I hope I will be, but we'll see.

So the HIAA (in Helsinki) exhibition have a theme of self portraits and "Wishful Thinking". I am now working on a painting inspired by the Route 66 trip, but I also just finished a selfportrait with Michael Jackson called something as imaginative as "Wishful Thinking"...
I'd like to share it here with you. Enjoy!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

My new haircut!

So I went to the hairdresser today, and did the big thing. I cut my hair short.
I expected to sit in my livingroom crying about this time, wondering how I could ever do something like that, but I'm surprised. I'm actually REALLY happy with the outcome! I think I look great, and it's really liberating to have short hair, not feeling it dangeling in the back of my neck.

So check out the video that I've uploaded here, from the hairdresser.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm gonna cut my hair. Reeeally short...

I've had long hair all my life. The shortest I've had was shoulder lenght.
It's time for a change.

The reason why I have decided to cut my hair is that it's extreemely damaged. I have bleached it 3 or 4 times in a year or two, and it's really destraoyed my hair. I haven't cut it in a long time, and the other day when I went to the hairdresser, desperately asking for some hair cure that could maybe save my hair, she told me that I had to cut it. There's no saving possible.

So I thought, why not just cut it short? Audrey Hepburn/Natalie Portman style. It's gonna grow back out, and it's good with a change. I know I will regret it, but then again, I do just when I cut the end as well.

So lets see if I chicken out or not when the time comes.
I will bring a camera so that you can see my experience...oh my.