Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A REAL welcome!

After all the pain and hardship on Frankfurt Airport, it was really nice to come back to Finland and to Milla, who gave us a real warm welcome home!

Welcome to Europe, especially Frankfucked.

Yes; Frankfucked. Because that's pretty much what you are if you're in transit here in Frankfurt; fucked. (Pardon my french...)
So. I have no words. No words at all, all I can say is that this 8 hours arriving and waiting at the airport at Frankfurt has been most interesting and frustrating. I will now write 3 REAL shorty-short stories here, that tells you all my adventures here at Frankfucked. Enjoy.

(I apologise for some private but necessary information that has to be shared in the first story...)

«The Humble Toilet Experience.»

Finally we were landing. The flight had been so so long. -»It's gonna be so nice to relax at the airport in Frankfurt», I thought. «Eventhough we have to wait for almost eight hours.» Suddenly I felt a wierd sensation. One that only a woman can relate to. -»My period!»
I looked panickly around me. The toilet is just behind me. The seatbelt light is on, we're landing and there's no escape.
I rushed to the toilet when we had landed and stood in an agonizing line. It was my turn, and the girl coming out of toilet shared an innocent smile with me, as if she knew something I didn't. Finally in the toilet and I'm happy. I looked to the left. No toiletpaper!
-» Eh...excuse me!» I knocked on the wall of my neighbour. «Do you think you could just give me some paper under the wall? There's no more paper here.»
There was a breif silence, but long enough for me to wonder if she understood english. Then she found out what to answer: - «Please.»
At first I didn't think I heard right. There was no other way than to ask. -» Excuse me,» I said. But there was no escaping it. She had her kick, she had me trapped in the palm of her hand. Complete power. -»Please,» she repeated. As if the situation in itself wasn't humiliating enough, the other women in the line waiting were now giggeling. -»Pleeease,» I said, hoping for a quick result. But before my merciful neighbour could give me her gift, a woman who understood the foolishness of the situation gave me paper under the door. Thank God for normal people. Next trip to the toilet will be paper-checked before any action.

«Welcome to Europe!»

Right after the toilet experience I was in a pretty bad mood. Simo stopped a lady and asked where to go, since nobody would tell us for some reason. I was soon to discover how difficult people who were supposed to help you here could be. She told us to go to a certain «B – something-gate» and we went towards the place. We came to some escalators and there was a guard there that made it seem that once we crossed this point, we couldn't go back. However, there was no control or passport check. The guard standing there looked at me and I at him.
We went up the escalators and discovered that it lead to a tram going to the other gates. We still didn't know if those were the gates we needed to go to, since it didn't say on the tickets. We went back down and Simo decided that we should go back and ask the woman for help.
-»Hey! You can't go through here», the guard screamed. Simo tried to explain the situation, and that we were lost and needed help to find our gate. The guard looked at his as if he was an alien, and shook his head. -»You can't go through here, you have to go to the gate now.» I jumped in: -»Yes, but you know that we just came from here,» I pointed towards the direction we wanted to go back to. -»I didn't see you,» he said. - «But you looked at me! I looked at you, we had eyecontact!» At that moment another man came there. He was dressed in a suit and I though that we could finally get some help. He talked with the other guard and seemed upset that he had «let us come back down there». We tried to explain the situation again. He was on the other guard's side and said -»He says that he can't know if you guys went through here already, he didn't see you.» - «Well then he's blind,» I said. «We had eyecontact.» The suit-guy started to get very rude, and I got so angry that I don't even remember what he said. When I had enough I said: -»Thanks a lot! This is really a warm welcome to Europe!» I went on my way back up the escalators after Simo and Henrik before I heard him loud and clear: -» Well go back to the US then!» I couldn't believe my ears! I could MAYBE believe it in Paris in some random store, but not in the customs at an european airport that should welcome you to your country. I suddenly remembered that I was wearing my cowboyhat and turned around to face him. He had his back towards me. - «EXCUSE ME?!» He turned around quickly: -»What?!» -» How dare you? And actually I'm not American, I'm French!» - «French? Ooooooohhh...», he said, as if he had finally figured out why I was completely crazy.
If there is one thing I truly admire with Americans it is that they really make you feel welcome and they know customer service. This I have told most Americans I know. -» Excuse me, but do you know what customer service is?» He looked at me in a puzzled way that proved that he had absolutely no clue right there and then. -» Yes.» -» No, you don't», I said. «I thought we French were rude, but this is far up there!»
That shut him up. Maybe I hit a sore spot.
But seriousely, I can really understand how so many Americans get shocked when they come here and meet some europeans. Some of them can be so rude! And it's so sad that I've actually gotten used to that treatment.

«A little help please?»

No help. Many people everywhere, but completely alone. That's Frankfurt Airport for you.
In our hunt for some nice seats to lay one since we haven't slept very much, Simo asked me to ask someone if we could go to the Lufthansa Lounge since we're travelling with them. The Lounge is a place that has very nice seats and is quiet. I went on my quest. Not a single person that I could ask, and no Information Desk anywhere. -»Hm, I guess I could ask this guy», I thought. He was standing by the gate taking the tickets of passengers boarding on a flight. I saw that he was busy of course and decided to wait until there was so passengers left. -»Excuse me, could I ask you a question?» The guy starts waving his hands in a frantic fashion that reminds me more of Bruno by Sasha Baron Cohen that anyone else, -»It's REALLY not a good time right now!!!!» I got completely taken aback and went quietly away like a frightened littel girl. -»Oh. Sorry.»
But on my continued quest I couldn't find anyone who could help me. At all. What the hell? It's not MY fault that Frankfurt Airport has no people to help their customers? I went back to the guy, the only person I saw working anywhere and waited until he seemed available again. I stood a bit away from the guy, held out my arms and said: -»Can you PLEASE help me? I have a question, is there ANYWHERE here where I can get information?» The guy never looked up at me of course, that would have been to much to expect, and said in a hysterical way: -»Can't help you right now!!» - «All I have is a question! Is the any information place here?
-»I just need some information!»
A loud sigh. -»Information about what?!» I took my chance. -»I was just wondering if I can go to the Lufthansa Lounge.»
-»Yes, you can, but only if you have a business ticket...IT'S REALLY NOT A GOOD TIME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!»
I went away in fear of getting hit by one of his flapping hands. -»Take it easy man! All right.» Then he screamed; -»BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO PANIC!!» - «But you're the one panicking man, I just wanted an answer to a simple question, I can't get help anywhere in this place!»

It's seriousely a nightmare. Simo just checked right now at this moment that I'm sitting and writing all this at Frankfucked Airport, if our flight was on shedule. That was apparently the most difficult thing to get an answer to, no information on any time boards and the woman he asked didn't answer his question until he had asked three times.

Right now I can't wait to get back to Finland where people don't smile, but are helpful.

(But at least they have Coca-Cola in glassbottles here...yummy...)

Last day of our adventure...

On sunday we met another friend; Kimber and her husband Jeff. We wanted to go and see the promenade in Santa Monica and go to a bookstore, so we met a Barnes and Noble at the promenade. We went to eat lunch at a very lovely french restaurant in the middle of the promenade also. They served all the typical french food, the cheeses, the bread and the drinks...yummy. I suddenly missed Paris. I got a really good salad with camembert. We then went to the bookstore. I got 4 science fiction books and Simo got some poker books. Henrik also bought "I am Legend". We walked around on the promenade and we noticed how many people were playing Michael Jackson there, and wearing t-shirts with him on and dancing. It's nice to see. We even met another fan with a t-shit on that wanted to take a picture with us. (Kimber is also a fan and was wearing a t-shirt, like me.) This girl was from Belgium I think.

We walked for a bit longer, but decided to maybe meet later. We had to pack since we were going to the airport in the nighttime.
Henrik, Simo and I came back to our hotel and packed pretty much everything. Wow, we had so much, what a luxuryproblem! Luckily, Simo had bought an extra suitcase, so we all put some of our extra stuff in there.
Then we went out to eat for the last time in LA. Henrik invited us out to dinner since we had "taken him to USA" and we went back to our favourite Sushi place called "Koji's" at Hollywood Highland. They have Shabu Shabu there, and both Simo and Henrik bought that. I had an old fashioned sushi selection.
We went to the LAX airport pretty much right after that. First we needed to drop off our car at the Alamo service there. All went smooth. When we came to our terminal it was so quiet. There were many people there already, but most of them were sleeping on chairs and the floor. Nothing had opened yet. It was kinda creepy with this really wierd elevator background music on also. Sort of like a different David Lynch like world...but maybe it felt like that mostly because I was tired... A couple of hours later, at 4.00 in the morning, the check-in desks opened. We checked in, but as I feared all of our suitcases were over weight. The woman said that it was 150 dollars per suitcase. We were all like "oh no", and I said to Simo that maybe theres a place her that sells suitcases since it's an airport? Oh how naive of me. But he asked her then if they didn't have a box or something. That was luck. Of course they had, but of course they wouldn't say that to us unless we asked first, 'cause that box costed only 11 dollars, and they would lose their 489 that they COULD have gotten! Phew! I was so glad. So we packed from all our luggage to balance the weight and got checked in.

And so it's monday. The LAX airport is pretty boring. We ate a terrible wok, and as my last desperate fatty-food from America atemt, I ate it all! Oh yes...I could feel the fat just slowly and probably glistening travelling and dripping down on my teeth.

The flight from LA to Chicago went pretty well. Both Henrik and I slept the whole way. We didn't sit together any of us, but it was OK.
When we arrived in Chicago we got seats together and got on the flight pretty fast. Also a pretty comfortable flight; we had the most well-behaved children in front of us, but Henrik who sat on the other side of the ile, had a screaming baby behind him. Oh joy.

A day at Long Beach.

Today we met a friend of ours; Dyana, that went to the same filmschool in Paris as us a few years ago. She lives in LA, so we planned a while ago to meet. We didn't have time before so late because we've had so much to do, but I wish we met sooner because she took us to Long Beach. What a beautiful place! First we walked around a littlebit and went to the boat called "Queen Mary" that is suppsed to be haunted. But when we saw the prices to go in we decided to leave it, since we were going to a Frida Kahlo exhibition and show later that costed 30 dollars.
We met a friend of Dyana after that; Nicolette, and us three girls went to eat at a really good meditarrenian restaurant. I had a soup and my favourite salad; greec. Simo and Henrik wanted to go to the beach in the meantime.
When we met them later we went to the museum of Latin American art, where the Frida Kahlo show was. It was called Frida Kahlo Under the Stars, and was basically her works projected at night on the big white wall of the museum, while a man spoke about her life. It was very interesting to see it all i that setting. The place also had good food and drink, and lots of mexican clothing and arts and crafts.
Before the Frida show started however, they had some entertaiment to make the time pass while we were waiting for it to get dark enough to project the artworks on the wall. There were latin dancers that were amazing, but THEN, this girl started singing mexican songs. It was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! She sang SO loud, screaming into the microphone, and completely out of key! There was a man also, playing guitar, and it sounded like it had nothing to do with the "melody" she was singing. She sang 5 long and painful songs, and everybody started laughing. I felt so bad for her. In Europe people don't really "boo" on performers, and I was so nervous that people would start to do that to her. But it was hard not to laugh and Dyana, Nicolette and I were crying of laughter! Simo just looked confused and Henrik kept swearing in Norwegian. But after the painful expercience the Frida show was beautiful, and relaxing.

Simo wanted to go out a bit after the show, but because Henrik is under age here, we had to go to a restaurant. We ended up going to a REALLY cool latin american restaurant and we all grabbed something to eat too. We noticed that someone had a birthday there and the band playing latin music sang to the person and he/she also got a cake with this fireworks-like flashing thing on top. Then Simo and Dyana started scheming and Henrik got all paranoid. In the end they had ordered a "birthday-package" for Henrik even though he didn't have his birthday, and he got a cake. But we all got a bit dissapointed that he didn't get a song. So why was it called a "package"?
`This day was really lovely, and I wish we discovered Long Beach earlier. A beautiful place. (Thanks Dyana!)

Monday, 27 July 2009

A day by the sea...

On friday we wanted to just relax a little again, and decided to check out some of the beaches around LA. For some reason I was in a terrible mood, and it got even worse when we got to Malibu, and it was so hard to get parking to access the beach, and when we finally did, the waves were so high that there was no way that we could swim. We headed down to Santa Monica, thinking that it would be better a bit further that way, but it didn't. The lifeguard kept waving people closer to the beach when they went to far out in the water and the waves were so loud!

Still, I felt a bit better eventhough I didn't swim. For some reason I felt better AFTER Henrik managed to make a little mark into the car next to us on the parking lot, and a very hysterical woman came out screaming at him. Weird. I think I needed to meet a person who would set off a bashing-fest in me, to then be able to relax after I've had my say...

After a little while we went back to Hollywood. We shopped a bit, I needed some new jeans. I bought a new pair at GUESS since that brand is very expensive in Finland, but not here in US, at least not for Europeans. We then went to a sushi place at Hollywood Highland that I really like called Koji's. We had a dish called "Shabu Shabu", and that is basically meat and vegetables that are raw and you get a cooking pot on the table each that you dip the meat and vegetables in for a few seconds and then you eat it. It's very good, healthy and fresh. Yummy!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Universal Studios.

Today we went to Universal Studios. Since we (again) woke up a bit late, we decided that it would probably be best to buy the "Front of Line Pass" so that we could get into any rides we wanted to right away, and not use so much time on standing in the line.
We ate at a grill restaurant in Universal City just outside the park first. The food wasn't that good; it was way too salty!
When we got into the park we started with the Simpsons ride which is awsome! It's kinda like a virtual rollercoaster, and anything that can go wrong DOES go wrong, but in the Simpsons setting!

Simo didn't really like Jurassic Park. He thought it was very dull before the big drop at the end. I like it though, but I also see his point. I think the problem that I have with that ride is that you get so EXTREEMELY wet! Eventhough it's a water ride and you know that, it's still a bit too much.

I think both Simo's and Henrik's favourite ride was The Revenge of the Mummy. "The Mummy" is one of my favourite films odd enough, so especially because of that I love the ride too!
We also saw a show on how to train animals for the movies. I've seen this show twice before, but I love it. I love animals.
Shrek 4D was also relly cool.

When we were finished, we decided to grab a bite in Universal City, before going to see the "Bruno" movie.
We ate at a really good restaurant and our tummies were happy and content.

"Bruno" was a really great film! It was so outrageous, even more rude than "Borat"! I'm not sure if it's very popluar in USA, it's maybe a bit too honest, but I thought it was amazing! Everybody should go and see it!


Yesterday was a shoppingday. For breakfast we ate sushi at Hollywood Highland, which was really good, then the guys wanted to buy some clothes and stuff. Simo needed a new suitase, so we went to a shoppingmall that had Macy's, Sears and lots of other big stores. They found exactly what they wanted and went very happily back to the car. Then we went back to Hollywood Highland and I bought some new jeans that I really needed and a dress. In the evening we went to eat again at the Pig 'n' Whistle on Hollywood Bld. I had a cajun taco or something, and actually it was pretty boring, which surprises me since I always really like that restaurant.

No pictures today, as it wasn't anything interesting to photograph, really.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A relaxing day...

Today we wanted to relax after getting some blisters and so on from "too much walking" in Disneyland. Simo really wanted to go to the beach, so we went to Santa Monica Beach. It was nice. We came quite late, but still it was allright and pretty warm. We stayed there maybe for a couple of hours. I'm not a big beach person, so I usually get bored after a while hanging there. But it was nice, I even swam and was gulping and splashing around like a dog when the big waves came! Scary waves...

We then went to look around at the Santa Monica Pier, and decided to have a drink there. We saw a place called "Mariasol" at the very end of the pier; a Mexican Restaurant. I you ever go to Santa Monica Pier, DON'T GO TO MARIASOL!!!
The waiters were in a bad modd and didn't smile a single time. We had to wait for half an hour to get to order, and another half an hour to get our check. When we complained that it all took too long time, the person just left without saying anything and we were again waiting for "our" waiter who never came.

Later in the evening we met an old friend of ours from the filmschool Simo and I went to in Paris. It was very nice. Lots of old memories and we had a great time! We at in a place called "Village Idiot" on Melrose and Martel, and they served REALLY good food!

So to end this one about a nice day, I'm putting in the picture of the beautiful people on the beach! 'LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL'

Back to Disneyland!

On monday we decided to go back to Disneyland, we thought that since it was monday it would probably not be so many people there. We were wrong. The place was still packed - it's summer vacation here as well. I had my new camera, so I was being all cameranazi, trying out some different things.

We started out with getting some fastpasses so we don't have to stay in live to wait, but can come back to the ride in a few hours and go right in. I like that. Why wait in line for hours? Then you can spend that time on something else. We took the Indiana Jones ride again which we all love, and Simo's favourite is probably Thunder Mountain. We took that SO many times, I lost count. The line was usually only 10 minutes. We went to the California park. Henrik has never taken any rollercoasters with a loop in it before, so I dragged him with me to California Screamin'. He was nervous, but passed his mandom test! After that he just wanted to go back to that rollercoaster all the time, and I'm quite sure it became his favourite. We also did the Mulholland Madness which I hate, but the guys loved it. Actually when we went to the line, some guy gave us his 5 fastpass tickets. That was nice.

We went back and forth to Disneyland park and California park all the time, because of the different fastpasses that we had, and we EVEN managed to get Simo with us to Space Mountain! That was quite an achievement! But in the end he didn't really like it, it was a bit too long in the end he said. Actually, the one in Paris is a LOT better and more interesting. You're not just in the dark, like in this one.
We spent the whole day there, I wanted to stay as long as possible. Taking rides, then resting, taking rides, then resting.

After it got dark, while a show and the fireworks by the castle was going on we decided to go to Splash Mountain, since we had seen the fireworks before. Alas - many others was thinking the same! The line was huge! When we finally got to our turn I was foolish enough to ask to be be in the front. I should never have done that. I can COMPLETELY soaked after the ride! So soaked that I was afraid the stuff in my bag was too! But all y glorious material things survived...*phew*

We stayed for a while after it got dark so that I could take some nice magical night pictures in the park that I could use later for paintings and so on. I love the park the most when it's dusk. That's when it's really magical. Again, a lovely day in Disneyland, I hope it's not long until the next!

Wishing for negativity. STOP IT!

I'm SICK of reading about what Michael Jackson might have died of!
Today I read in what should be Norway's biggest news paper, that sadly has turned into Norway's biggest tabloid, that Jamie Lee Curtis says that she had a morphine addiction, "just like Michael Jackson."
Who is she, to compare herself to Michael Jackson, just because she has done an idiotic thing, she so surely says that a greater star than herself has done the same? Does it make her feel better? She was so sure in her case, yet, she didn't know him. She says, "donations should not be made to Michael Jackson's children, they should be done to the fight against narcotics. They don't need money, they need a father, which they don't have now because of narcotics."
This makes me pissed off!

We have NO clue yet what killed Michael, or if it was his fault, or if it was murder. Maybe we'll never know. But like Jermaine his brother said: "stop painting a picture of him that isn't real."
I didn't know him, I don't know what's real, I just know what years of studying him and talking to people who DID know him tells me.
But what I do know is that he is not longer with us and we have lost a very valuable human being, and he is not here right now to defend himself agains ugly accusations.

We are taught to not talk bad about the dead.
Let him rest in peace.

Monday, 20 July 2009

A new camera!

Today has been a pretty slow day. The guys wanted to sleep a bit late and do laundry, so we weren't out the door before around 1.00.
We went to Best Buy to buy me a new camera. I have gotten a very good one and I'm happy. Right now the battery is loading, and I can't wait to try it out tomorrow, when we're going back to Disneyland. Guess if I'm gonna be a camera-nazi?!

We met an old friend of mine from filmschool on Paris and decided to meet again properly on tuesday for dinner. I look forward to that.
Then we went to a chinese restaurant that had really good (and cheap) food. Everything was good exept the drink, which was a fountain Diet Coke, but tasted like Root Beer which I hate. Also, something that looked like a boogger was floating in my glass. I'm not a very picky person, so I simply took it out of there and put it in a tissue. But then as I thought eveything was safe, a peice of this unidentified...thing went through my straw and into my throat! Lets just say that Simo's drink became more interesting than my own...

After that we decided to go and see "Bruno" in the theatre, but dicovered that The Chinese Theatre didn't show it. Instead, Henrik went back to the hotelroom to play with his new Playstation Portable, and Simo and I went bowling. It was nice to spend some time alone together also. Simo won I might add.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Disneylaaand! YAY!

Yesterday we went to my favourite place on earth; DISNEYLAND!
I love that place, because it makes me feel like a child, and there's no better feeling! Disney makes me happy.

It took a while to get there because we were in some sort of rush hour, bt when we finally did we at least got to park in the garage where you always find your car. On the outside lor I can never find it, it happens everytime I'm there. No matter how much you look at the numbers etc, you lose your car.
We decided to get a ticket for two days in two parks, so we could take it easy and enjoy all the rides. But we didn't think about that it was saturday yesterday, and we actually made a little bad choice in coming there that day. It was ok, but just SO many people! When we go back, we will go on monday or tuesday.
We started with the Indiana Jones ride, and guys loved it! They ae both not so big on rides, so I have to take them around usually, fooling them into coming with me. No, it's not that bad, but they usually ask a lot of nervous questions. We tried to take as many fast passes as we could so we didn't have to stand in line; some rides had lines over an hour. We took the beautiful Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountair, that I think scared them both a littlebit because it has a really steep fall in the end that was steeper and longer that they thought.
We went on a boat crossing the water to go to the Pirate's Lair, where you could look for a treasure or just explore. A nice place to take a brake from rides. Simo went all around and inside the little grottoes that were there, stepping on children and looking pretty silly being a HUGE man trying to fit through those small holes (ment for children...).

We at at my favourite restaurant that I always eat at every time I'm there; Cafe Orleans. They have really good food, and this thing that I always eat, a thing made out of croissant-like dough filled with three different cheeses. Yummy!
We went to Discoveryland and took Autopia that Simo really likes and the Star Tours. One of my fvourites, but I think they can change the ride soon. Make it a bit different. I love Discoveryland (or is it called "Tomorrowland here?)!
We also say the Jedi Academy training, where a Jedi instructor chose children form the audience to become Padawans. Amongst them was a TINY boy about maybe 3 years old, and he was so fiesty! He was much better that any of the other children, and kicked Darth Vader's ass! We laughed so much. The whole audience did, it was priceless!

I think Simo's favourite ride was the Thunder Mountain (I might be mixing the names of the rides and so on a littlebit with the ones in the park in Paris...sorry about that...) and enjoyed screaming and looking like a maniac as the train ran full speed through those mountains. We then went to the Toontown. That's an odd place. I like it, but there's not so much to do for adults, I would say that it is for children mostly. You can see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Chip and Dale's houses and take a Roger Rabbit ride. The place was so full of people that we basically came in, bought a drink and went out again. Maybe next time.

When we took the Alice In Wonderland ride, we got stuck at the end. The light came on and an person came and tok us out. That was strange. I wonder what happened.
We stayed quite late, we saw the firworks over the castle and went on a few rides after that, that I think are most beautiful at night, like the Mad Tea Party and the Storybook water ride. We had magical day!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Walking, walking, Harry Potter and walking...

Yesterday we decided to take it pretty easy since it was our first day in LA. We wanted to see Hollywood Walk of Fame since it's pretty much on our doorstep. First quest was to find two Star Wars costumes that I've been dying to buy ever since I saw them On the internet. I was dissapointed when the store (that should have had them) in fact DIDN'T have them, and said you can only order them. Fun to order things from USA when you live in Europe...
Then we walked around a bit, and I found my favourite celebrIty merchandise store, where I bought a rare Michael Jackson item for my collection. The box for it was VERY damaged, so I got the price off a bit too. We headed to my favourite vinyl store as well. I pretty much already had what I wanted from there (and the rest was too expensive!), but ended up with a Jacksons Destiny Tour Book in mint condition. *nerd*

The shopping for a new camera kinda dissapeared in all of this, especially when we decided in a quick moment to go and see the new Harry Potter movie!
I've read all the books more than one time each, and I will always say that you should read the books first. That doesn't mean that I'm one of those people who always prefer a book over the movie, but Harry Potter is a rich experience to read. The film was OK, but far too short and of course everything happened too fast. Simo was unlucky to have a HUGE guy next to him that ate his popcorn like there was no tomorrow and choked on them almost every time! Simo was like: "What the hell?! Is he gonna die?" He got kinda bothered my this guy, so he sat with his body almost on me and it looked like the new Harry Potter movie was too much for him to see!
There was a child next to Henrik that had to be taken out by his parents all the time because it was too scared and also coulnd't sit still (maybe about 5 years old. 5 years old for Harry Potter!!! Come on parents!!).
And in front of me a person couldn't stop farting. Interesting Harry Potter experience.

(Sorry, no pictures for this day. I will make it up with Henrik's camera in today's blogentry, from Disneyland! YAY!)

Friday, 17 July 2009

The end of the road.

Today we left Las Vegas and went on our way to Los Angeles. On the way there we stopped at a place called Baker, where they have a cafe called "Alien Fresh Jerky". I have been there before, but never inside the place. It was cool; they had alien and Area 51 stuff everywhere, mixed with beef jerky!

After that we drove for a long time through the desert. When we came over a hilltop we suddenly noticed a pretty big twister right next to the road, on our left side, just a few meters away! I'm so afraid of tornadoes, and eventhough this was just a twister, it was really tall and all of us got a bit spooked. During the whole drive to LA we saw a lot of them. But that first one was the biggest one.

We arrived in Calico Ghost Town and took a look around. It was fun, eventhough it wasn't really a ghost town anymore: people and tourists everywhere! When we drove back towards the interstate from the ghost town we passed a really bad car accident, where two cars had crashed so bad that one of the cars were flipped over on it's roof ad the woman laying on the ground getting help from the parmedics.

We arrived at Santa Monica beach and drove to Sunset Bld. before coming to our hotel. Then we went to eat at the Pig 'n' Whistle (they have really good nachos!) before we went back to the hotel after a long day.

But just because we've reached the end of Route 66 "The Mother Road" doesn't mean that the journey is over! Keep dropping by; the blogging never ends!

Last day in Vegas.

Yesterday was our last day in Vegas. The guys wanted to spend some more time by the pool, but I unfortunately had to go to the police to get some papers on that I had told them about my stolen camera, so that I could get back a bit from the insurance.
The security guard at the hotel who told me where to go to get to the police station said that depending on how much I like to walk ("so many people are so lazy here!") I could just go there on foot. I marched bravely towards the policestation. But I didn't think about that no matter how short distance it would be, it would be ungodly to walk in that heat! When I got there (after taking a wrong turn also, I might add) the police didn't have water for me.
Anyway I got to do what I came there for, and actually got a bottle of water after I had begged the police, which I thought was quite unnecessary by the way.

After that, Henrik and I went to shop a bit at the Venetian and Ceasar's Palace while Simo played some Texas Hold'en poker. I got two nice dresses. Simo won 370 dollars in poker by the way! He bought some really nice shirts for those money.

We then went to eat at a all you can eat sushi buffet which wasn't great, but decent enough. Simo payed for us with his poker money. In the end Henrik went back to the hotel, and Simo and I checked out some nice hotels. It was a nice day.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


So today has been a weird day. Well not really, but maybe then a weird evening.

The day started with some relaxing by the pool, and I even wrote my last blog entry there. Before that, we went to Walgreens to buy some floating tuberings to play with in the pool since the guys left them there yesterday. They were pretty cheap, and we soon noticed the meaning of that word. As soon as they sat into the rings (as you're supposed to do...) they both broke at the same time! Simo's seat just went off, and Henriks whole ring exploded! So they went back to the place where they sell them at the hotel and bought some new ones. At least these two are next to me now, in the room.

Then we decided to go and eat at the Chinese buffet place again, but this time NO CHILI! They have so good food, but we decided not to go back tomorrow, because they are quite rude there actually.
We then went through all the hotels, headed to the Venetian to go shopping again. When we arrived, we went to a cafe in the casino area. At some point while sitting there, we noticed a guy sitting at the table behind us, whitout a drink, but didn't think more of it. But then when we left we noticed that my camerabag was gone! We had had it next to us all the time! That son of a bitch had managed to steal it, right under our nose and we all have absolutely no idea how it happened! I'm pissed! Not so much because of the camera, it's material, and I'm just happy it wasn't my purse with papers and passport etc. But I'm pissed off that right now some asshole has MY camera that I have bought with MY money, with MY pictures on it. I needed a new camera anyway, and Simo and I will buy a good one in LA together, but I'm just so angry that I have to discover time and time again how many assholes this scary world holds.


Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegaaas!

Our first day in Las Vegas has been quite interesting...it ended up in the room with stomach pain after a desperate chili-eatin' frenzy at a chinese buffet...
But to start from the beginning, we had a good day before the chili. We stayed by the pools at Mandalay Bay for a long time enjoying ourselves. Even I liked it, and I'm not a huge swimming and taing sun person. That's probably whu I'm sitting by the pool writing a blog at this moment.

We stayed at one pool for a while before moving over to th "Lazy River" where you can just drift away with the waves. It's fun, and theres good shade where there's sunbeds. There's waitresses serving much needed drinks (not for free though).
We decided to buy some tuberings to drift on the Lazy River with, and that was really a lot of fun. But Simo and Henrik forgot to bring them back to the room when they were finished in the pool.

After that we wanted to go and eat, and we found a great place with chinese buffet. The food there was really good; they had soups, sushi, desserts, pretty much all you can imagine! We were in heaven! I love sushi, so had some of them, before Simo scared me with "I don't know if I would eat sushi here..."
With that, I grabbed a soup with so much chili in it that I was convinced that it would kill off any bad "sushi-bacteria" I might possess! Everything went well until we had walked for a bit on our way to shop at the Venetian. After a while I got so much pain in my stomach that I couldn't do anything else but go home. We grabbed a taxi and got to the room. Today I'm much better. On our way to the Venetian (while I was still feeling OK) we found a huge sign with "Welcome" in all languages. They had Finnish and all, but I couldn't find Norwegian! Then I found that they didn't just have in Norwegian; they had it in MY dialect from one area in Norway, called "totning"! Not "Velkommen" as it would be in correct Norwegian, but "Vælkomen"! *LOL*

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

Grand Canyon!

Today we left Williams (as the little town we stayed in was called), and Simo had NOT been bitten by bugs during the night as he was afraid he would be. The drive up to the Grand Canyon was much longer than I thought and the nature and scenery before the canyon surprised us all. It was very green with beautiful plants and trees, we had all expected dry landscape and just a lot of rocks! There was a lot of tourists up there of course, and I must say that tripping (and running) by children and adults who seemed to have no eyesight at all made me a bit worried as they were living in their own little world on the canyon edge. But I'm still alive. YAY! Simo held himself at a safe distance from the edge, while Henrik and I explored.

Then we continued on our journey towards Las Vegas. We decided to go by Hoover Dam, and that was a BAD idea. When we arrived there, there was a HUGE line of cars waiting. Something has happened there, or police was checking cars we thought. We waited for over an hour to pass, and we all had to go to the toilet so bad. When we finally were let throught and got to see the dam, it was so dissapointing since we didnt even see the dam in it self, just the constructure around it and museums and such. HRMPH! But finally we reached Las Vegas, and now we have a nice room in Mandalay Bay. We went out for sushi and that was very nice, since I had been fasting the whole day before that. (I do that sometimes when I feel that my stomach isn't happy. It cleanes and my body feels nice afterwards.) The guys also found a HUGE gaming place and were in heaven! Today it's the first whole day here. Lets see what it brings.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Coming to Arizona.

We had planned to leave early from Santa Fe today, but for some reason, that didn't happen. After all preperations for starting on the route again, we were on our way around 11, and decided to try to at least reach Flagstaff.

Simo has been grumpy all day because he burned himself, and every stop where he had to walk and his thighs rubbed against his shorts were a disaster for him. We tried to stop as little as possible, but of course we had to see the meteor crater in Arizona! It was really powerful to see, and I'm very glad ve stopped for it.

We came to Flagstaff so early since we've been driving on the interstate today, that we decided to keep driving a bit. We are now staying in a cozy little town near the Grand Canyon and a broken down motel. Just like I wanted. Simo has already discovered bugs in our room. Yay.

Otherwise I must say that the scenery for us europeans has been very interesting, and I look forward to see more, since it should be around here where it becomes amazing.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Last day in Santa Fe.

Today was our last day in Santa Fe. We've really had a great time here, seen a lot of the place, seen beautiful art and spent special times with friends. I thought this was a really beautiful place and very unique and hope to come back here soon.
We were supposed to go up to a little village or town called Taos today for an native american dancing festival but decided to stay in Santa Fe after we heard that they might not let visitors get in to see the dances.
I shopped a bit more with Lori, while the guys roasted themselves by the pool at the motel. Yes; ROASTED! When we met them a bit later, Simo had been in the sun a bit too long, but still insist that it's all ok and was well planned to give him a tan before we enter Las Vegas, eventhough his face shows his pain. Oh well.
The guys had also spent the day AND their money at Sears shopping for cool clothing. Actually, they shopped better than any girl I know.

We then went to a really good chinese restaurant (I still have breakfast for tomorrow - yay!) and spent a nice evening with David and Lori, before entering this moment in time right now.
I am sitting in the bed, Simo is sleeping (or maybe pretending) next to me, red as a lobster, and Henrik reading his book.
Tomorrow we're gonna go back on the road, trying to reach Flagstaff, Arizona.

Good night (or for most of you; good morning!).

Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Yesterday Lori took us to go shopping some more in Santa Fe. We had some souvernirs that we wanted, I especially wanted some baskets that are typical from here.
But before the shopping we wanted to look at some art galleries. Lori knew all the good places and the trip was extreemely inspiring. (Not to mention very welcome air conditioning...)
We saw some art from local artists that paint very naturalistic and from the beautiful area of New Mexico.
Since David is an artist, we visited the gallery he has his art in, and that was amazing to see. They also had lots of artefacts from native americans. Very interesting to see it "live".

We went to see the oldest church in America, and we also saw another church, where when it was built, the people had forgotten to put in a staircase up to the platform that made a second floor. A man came from out of town and offered to build one. When it was finished, he dissapeard and never saked for money. And the most interesting part is that the staircase doesn't have a single nail in it.

How hungry you get from shopping...oh my! We ate luch at a really beautiful little place, and I had the best salad I've ever had I think! Seafood salad, that was big enough to fill a whole family!

After getting some shopping-fuel we started on our quest to find the perfect souvernirs. We ended up in a HUGE place where they had all kinds of stuff, including my baskets! I bought two and , Simo bought some really nice soup bowls. Henrik, being the one who never want to spend, thought that 99 cents for a scratching stick that he really liked was a bit too much to spend and left the place empty handed. But one thing he DID need was a loader for his camera battery. So "Lori-our-shopping-guide" took us to a huge place where they sold electronics. We were all happy when we found things we "needed". Suddenly we see Henrik coming to sight behind all the dvd's and stuff with the biggest smile on his face and his arms full of PSP games and a PSP in itself! Guess he found what he wanted to spend money on...