Saturday, 30 May 2009

Summer has come!

Finally there's summer here in Finland! Today was the first official day of summerholiday for the kids going to school, and the weather proves it. It's +36 C in the sun here today, and for the first time this year I can be outside in a t-shirt without forcing myself to look like I enjoy it. Usually the goosebumps gives it away though...(Actually I saw a guy walking around with Hawaii-shorts and t-shirt in MARCH! HE seriousely had goosebumps!)
So today Simo, Milla and I went for a long family walk. We first went to the store and bought ice-cream and then to the beach.

After that we went by a dogpark where Milla met another Border Terrier that we know. They usually play well together and they did, until Milla said hi to her owner, and the other dog completely flipped out! I hate dogs like that. They basically own their owners and they decide who and when another dog gets to say hi. I would never allow Milla to become like that.
On the way back Milla suddenly dropped down on the ground and Simo discovered that he was dragging something looking like a carpet after him. She was tired and couldn't take another step. She actually looked a bit like roadkill...

I'm happy it's finally summer! =)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Back to my childhood.

Two days ago I had my birthday. Usually you get older that day, but I got younger.
I brought ice cream and crackers for the children that day coming to the kindergarden, after they had told me straight forward that I had to give them something to celebrate my day. Fair enough.
So after lunch, I expected a little nice time with ice cream and all that, but no! Of course I was gonna be celebrated just like the kids! So I got to wear the crown (way too small, and I think I still have a nice line across my forehead to prove it), a candle to blow out, a finnish flag to play with and I even got to kiss the fat IKEA frog that repays you with a gift from the deep of his belly.
Obviousely, the other teachers hadn't missed the fact that I am a die hard Disney fan, and gave me a DVD of Pinocchio!
I got to go home early because the same day I would have to return to work around 18.00 because it was the day of the spring party that marks the end of the term (eventhough the kindergarden doesn't officially close before july...).
I got home to beautiful flowers, and Simo and I made pizza and chocolate muffins. And after recieving chocolate as a "farewell gift" from parents, I can honestly say that I ate so much chocolate that day that I got nauseous!
-"That has happened to me some times too," a child said when I told them about it the day after.
I SAID I went back to my childhood. The time where there's no "stop".

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Congratulations Norway!

There's a double up gratulations for Norway today.
First because it is the 17th of may, the national day of Norway. In Norway we usually celebrate this day with dressing up in the national costume and walk in a parade. All schools represent themselves in the parade and have their own schoolband who walks in front of them, playing Norwegian marches. The kindergardens also usually walk in the parade, and the parents are gathered on the side of the streets watching their family. Later there's all the people who's graduating that spring, called "Russ" walking in their own parade, filled with pranks and humour. The whole may moth they usually do pranks around the towns/cities and sometimes sadly, a lot of problems. They have their own costume and are most of the time drunk.
Later, families gather for hot-dogs and ice cream the rest of the day is free for friends to be together.

I celebrated already on friday, so I'm not going to the official celebration that is here today in Finland. Also I need to use the day to paint.
But CONGRATULATIONS NORWAY! The beautiful country that I love!

Also there was the Eurovision finale in Morcow yesterday, and Norway won!
We had an excellent entertainer called Alexander Rybak who performed with a fiddle and sang.
Check out the performance here:

Saturday, 16 May 2009


Today I'm having a weird day. Everything seems to go wrong. I'm clumsy and I drop everything, and of course when I was on the bus today, coming home from the store, the busdriver refused to open the front doors (you're supposed to go out in the middle of the bus...) until I asked him to open it in english. I had a lot to carry! I think he got so scared that he might have to say something in english that he opened it, just to get rid of me!

Simo has taken Milla to Turku to visit his best friend. His friend is gonna have her this summer while we're gone so he's taken her so that she gets a bit used to his appartment and all.

Otherwise we were on the 17th of may celebration yesterday, and I have to dissapoint you: I have no pictures. Actually, there wasn't that much to see. I thought we would walk in a parade and the whole bit, but it was just to shake hands with the ambassador and then eat some snack. We made a BAD choice in bringing Milla, in the hope of her socializing, but she was just crying and being dramatic with all the people and food around. I DID film a bit though, since I'm trying to do videoblogs on my norwegian blog: so if you want to check it out you can, eventhough it's in Norwegian. Right now the site is having some problems, but go there soon and it will probably be fixed.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Happy birthday Madeleine!

Yesterday I saw Madeleine Mc Cann's parents on Oprah. Don't misunderstand - my eyes have been open a long time for this girl. I get extremely upset with people who say things like " This should be enough, Madeleine is probably dead" or "Who does these parents think they are? What's so special with her? Children dissapear everyday."
Yes it is true.
But the thing is, these children are forgotten. Maybe not by their parents, but by the world. It's very important that we DON'T forget these children and that it can happen anywhere, anytime and to YOU!
The Mc Cann family have been very smart. They have taken advantage of the press (and the press of them) to make their daughter known to the whole world. It's actually the smartest thing you can do to try to get this girl home. Yes, maybe she is dead - but if it was YOUR child, would you settle with that and stop searching? I think not.
Imagine if she is alive somwhere, and the parents stop looking.

I hope you're alive somewhere Madeleine and that you come home.

I will put in the lyrics of a beautiful song written and performed by Michael Jackson here, called "The Lost Children";

We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers
Wishing our families well
We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing
But not for the missing

Chorus 1:
So this one's for all the lost children
This one's for all the lost children
This one's for all the lost children, wishing them well
And wishing them home

When you sit there addressing, counting your blessings
Biding your time
When you lay me down sleeping and my heart is weeping
Because I'm keeping a place

Chorus 2

For all the lost children
This is for all the lost children
This one's for all the lost children, wishing them well
And wishing them home

Home with their fathers,
Snug close and warm, loving their mothers
I see the door simply wide open
But no one can find thee

Chorus 3

So pray for all the lost children
Let's pray for all the lost children
Just think of all the lost children, wishing them well
This is for all the lost children
This one's for all the lost children
Just think of all the lost children
Wishing them well, and wishing them home

Number 1000!!!

Finally the number of visits to my blog reached 1000!
I'm very happy and I see many visits everyday. I hope you like my blog, I appriciate that you come by! I hope you will continue, and I look forward to share my summer with you!

(Picture is taken outside Los Angeles the summer of 2007.)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

To be or not to be...a Star Wars nerd...

To be.

(Picture taken at the Episode 2 premiere in 2002. It's me to the right.)

Friday, 8 May 2009

The national day!

I came home the other day and discovered a letter from the "Royal Norwegian Embassy". It was an invitation to the celebration of the Norwegian national day, from the Norwegian ambassador here in Finland. Exhiting. I have gotten this invitation from the French embassy many years but I've never avtually gone. But this time I really feel that I should go, since I feel a lot more norwegian than french. And I've always celebrated the national day, also here in Helsinki.
So I have to take some early time off from work on the 15th to go there. Actually it's strange that the party is on the 15th; the actual day is on the 17th, and that's on a sunday this

It's gonna be lots of fun, and I promise pictures!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I just met Bond. James Bond.

Have you heard of the famous Simon Templar? Do you know who's the best looking Bond?
It's Sir Roger Moore.

My boyfriend Simo has always been a big fan of Roger Moore, and made me start to watch "The Saint" with him a long time ago. I really like that series a lot, but of course it's oldfashioned from time to time and the entertaiment value isn't always at it's greatest. But still it's what I like the most that has Roger Moore in it.
Simo digs James Bond, and I can't say that Mr. Bond is my favourite. But still Roger Moore manages to give something to the Bond character that no one else has managed; a charm that even the a woman who thinks Bond is a sexist can appreciate.
When Roger Moore is Bond, he is a down to earth and decent guy.
Just like Sir Roger Moore himself.

When I was in the bookshop last week I saw that there was a new autobiography out by Roger Moore in the bookshelfs. I thought that I should buy it since Simo is such a fan and was gonna read it myself also. When I was paying the cashier said: "-Roger Moore is coming here next week to sign his book".
I got very exhited and started to read the book right away. I'm almost halfway and the book is extreemely good! It's amazing that a 81 year old can remember such details and bring so much humour into it. The book is very warm and really funny! I strongly recommend it!

Simo and I went to a photolab and got made two A4 pictures that looked really nice that we wanted him to sign. We planned what we would say and what we would ask him to sign for us. When we got there today we got pretty dissapointed to hear that he would only sign his book, with no dedications and special things, only his name. Oh well. I started scheming on how to get him to sign the photos; maybe he was nice anough to do it if I held them very visible? But no, Simo begged me to let it go.
When we met him, there was really little time to talk to him; Simo shook his hand and said "Nice to meet you" and Roger Moore answered with the same. Everything I wanted to say went straight out the window, and out "conversation" went something like this:

ELISE: Nice to meet you.
ROGER MOORE: Nice to meet you too.
ELISE: The famous Simon Templar!

With saying that, he gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen! Then I saw the old handsome guy hidden in there behind his gorgeous blue eyes, and it was worth it all!

Before the signing there was an interview with him, and Simo and I were at the very front and got some nice picture of him. He was really funny and down to earth, and that was really nice to see, from an old hollywood legend and even a SIR. He talked about that he had to go to the dentist and that it wasn't so cool with the bondgirls in the end, when they started looking more and more like girls who could be his grandaughters. And also he HATES guns.

Run and buy Roger Moore's autobiography: "My Word is my Bond"!