Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The "Euh-guy". Part 2.

Today I had the strangest encounter with the "Euh-guy" up to date.

I ran to the bus. I came really early to work today: at 07.00 in the morning. I don't mind because I get to go home early. I saw my bus coming to the stop in front of me. If I ran fast enough I would probably make it. Great, some people are standing in the line so I have more time. Is that the "Euh -guy"?! Oh yeah, he's pushing two cute indian girls out of the way so he will be first on the bus!

When I enter the bus I make sure that I know where he is seated. A bit in the back. I'm sitting in the center (where there's four seats toward each other), my back to the driver, so that I can keep an eye on the "Euh-guy".
He's quiet today. Not a sound. Just a goofy smile now and again, and looking at people and out the window. I avoid his eyes whenever he looks at me. I don't want him to think there any sort of connection between us.
The bus is quiet, except the two indian girls. They are talking in english to each other, quite loud. A pretty blond girl get on the bus and takes the seat infront of the "Euh-guy". That's when it starts. This time he's not acutally saying "Euh" so much, he's talking in finnish, but I don't understand it at all (I don't speak finnish) and I'm not sure the finnish people undertand him either. He shouts in the girls ear. She moves to the very front of the bus, near me.
That's when I got this sudden sympathy for him. He actually looked very sad. For a long time he looked after the girl with a sad look on his face. And I wondered; is this a man who has a disease that he is fully aware of, but can't control? Does he actually know what he's doing, but is unable to stop?

But all my sympathy went out the window when another woman came in and seated herself in the same place. I know which stop he usually gets off, and he kept his hand on the stop button right away when we left the stop before his. He seems extreemely exhited about pushing the button.
Obviousely they were getting off at the same stop. He got off his seat early though, and I was nervous he was gonna do something weird. Yep, the worry was justified.
When he got up, he stopped next to the woman who sat infront of him and sat down in her lap!
He started laughing and making sounds and the woman (I understood) told him to get off. He didn't move, just got more her lap and leaned on her. It was really freaky. She tried to push him off without luck and asked for help from people. Of course as in most scandinavian countries people were just watching without interfeering and I can't take that! I went to the bus driver and told him that he was harassing the woman. He didn't speak english so I got help from the two indian girls who spoke finnish and the blond girl. In the meantime he had gotten off the lady and sat next to a man bothering him. I saw that the man was trying to talk some sense into him. Then the bus stopped for a red light, and he went back to the woman leaning on her and really harassing her. She was maybe in her 50's and she was terrified. The bus driver started to shout at him to stop it, but without luck. I asked him if he could open the door right there so that she could get out and also we, that he was starting to bother. We all went out; the blonde, the two girls, the woman and me, and RIGHT THERE; the "Euh-guy" came RUNNING out after us!
He went after the woman who was walking infront of the two girls and me (the blonde had already dissapeared)and I told the girls to slow down then. When the woman waked away from him I saw that he noticed me and started heading for me. I actually said "No way!" *lol* and ran as fast as I could towards the road. The girls ran the other way. And the road cross it was red light for me, but as there was no cars coming I ran over. I was lucky because that's when the cars came and left him on the other side. Too bad for the woman, she was there also and I could see from the other side that he started on her again.

This is weird. I though he was just a BIT weird but this was kinda scary.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

It's a hard knock life...for Milla!

I'm just home from a wonderful saturday walk with Milla. We walked first a while to the tram that took us into the center. It's very good exercise for her to be in a tram and bus, and be around a lot of people but still remain calm. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't.
The trip went pretty OK, except that she always makes a lot of noise in the tram. She comment on everything and cries. It sound like I'm mistreating her in life and sometimes it can be quite embarrasing, especially when she starts howling. In the center we went into a bookstore and all went well, she was sitting calmly and I was looking at some books. Then as always some crazy lady (it's usually ladies that does this, also with people with babies I've noticed) who was talking in the phone just HAD to "say hi" to Milla at the same time! It irritates me. Milla is calm. I have just been able to make her relax. Why can't people understand this? Why do they feel like it's their right to "say hi" to my dog? She didn't even ask me. And Milla never "says hi". She says "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!"
So then that was completely destoyed.

On the busride home she was an angel, until she just HAD to sit next to me on the seat, like the human she think she is. She's not only human, she is the Queen Milla of Helsinki.
Then it all ended up with her falling off the seat when the bus breaked and all the people gasping in horror, and me frantically patting her, saying to Milla that she's all right (but actually talking more to all the people) holding her tight after that.

Phew, what a busride!

Political? ME?!

The other day I managed to get lost into a political meeting.
-"How did she do that", you might ask yourself.

Well,I was tricked. Simo's brother Pasi is a candidate for the European Parlament and he has been here working with Simo on his webpage. So he told Simo that on tuesday (last tuesday) there would be a meeting. Simo misunderstood this and thought that it was a meeting for anyone supporting Pasi and there would be food and party-party.
-"See you on tuesday!", I told Pasi when he left. Puzzled?

So I was ready for a party and curled my hair (I even burned myself on the curling thingy), and put on the hiiigh heels. I felt ready for anything. And that was good, because the party turned out to be a pure campain meeting, in FINNISH! So I sat there for 3.5 hours, trying to look interested and smiling when they laughed, feeling pretty silly in my pink miniskirt. Too bad I don't understand finnish, 'cause what Pasi stands for is very important I think: THE ENVIROMENT! Whithout that we have nothing. *deep*


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Personal space.

At work today I discussed something that we think a lot about daily, but it comes very automatically.
It's personal space.

It has been done research on the fact that scandinavians need 50% more personal space than most other countries. When I went to filmschool in Paris we talked about it quite often, because most of my classmates (from all over the world) thought that this was a bit strange.
There were a few norwegians in my class, and I did a test with one of them while we talked about this. I asked: "How do you feel when I do like THIS?" And I went as close as I could to him very fast. He sort of jumped and freaked out a bit. So even when we where talking about this he reacted like that. And it is true; I think that people have always thought that I'm a bit strange because I talk a lot and I'm also very physical when I talk.
In Norway (and Finland) that is very strange. I wish that we could stop being so scared of people who doesn't fit our own personality.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Collector or horder?

I have always been a collector personalty. When I like something, I tend to start collecting it, examples; Disney snowglobes, DVD's and fridge magnets.
No, I'm not like one of those crazy animal horders you see on Animal Planet, but still, I must say that the fridge is starting to look quite crowded. But this is actually a luxury problem, 'cause I usually buy magnets as souvenirs from different places I've been to around the world.

If you came to my childhood room in Norway you might also say that I am a horder. The room us full of things I don't need, results of years and years of happy birthday and christmas gifts. Because of this, I actually HAD to start collecting some of the items I started to get a lot of, to make some sort of structure. I would say that some on the things I've been involuntary collecting would be smelly candles, pillows, candleholders and childrenbooks about horses, or girls who are interesting in horses.

Do you collect something? Voluntary or involuntary?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Lost pictures from Egypt!

A friend of mine that I went to school with in Norway told me that she had lots of pictures from our schooltrip to Egypt in 2003. I love Egypt and it's history, and I wish to go back there as soon as possible. I will share some of the pictures with you here.


The Giza pyramids outside Cairo.

The Sfinx by the Giza pyramids.

Out eating at Friday's in Cairo. I had "Pharaoh's Revenge". That means everything that can go wrong with your stomach pretty much. Terrible. Don't eat cheese in Egypt.

On my favourite animal! =)

And of course a bit of charterlife in Egypt as well. (NOT my feet!!)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I've lost 8 kg!

I've been trying to lose some kilos for a while. Over a period of two years I have tried different things; specific diets, no carbs, no sugar, working out or all at the same time! What I discovered works for me is to stop eating when you start to feel full, and avoid carbs; get them from fruit instead of pasta, bread, rice and potatoes and of course avoid sugar as well. A bit from time to time is OK, but buy everything you can low fat and you can also buy some chips and popcorn low fat. Make your portions small (if you're in America, eat 1/4 of your portion! LOL) and just be aware of your need in calories.

Do you think that obsessive? It's really not, I feel great and haven't had this amount of energy for a LONG time! And it works, check it out:

This is me the summer of 2007. I still looked pretty much like this Christmas 2008.

This was taken today.

Finally got the tickets!

So now if's finally official! Simo, Henrik and I have bought the flight tickets to USA and the Route 66 trip!
It's exhiting to finally have them in your hand, and to know that now there's no way back! The tickets were also very cheap we thought: only 693 EURO's at Kilroy! A bargain! I'm posting a picture of Henrik and me, being very happy about the the trip and tickets!

So tomorrow we're gonna plan the trip so we know more how long we're gonna be at the different places and what we want to see. =) That's gonna be fun!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Easter goodies from Finland with love!

Finnish food is not that different from Norwegian food. But one this is different though - thank GOD!!
They have a terrible easter dessert called Mammi. It looks like poo. Sorry, but it does. See for yourself.

And this we're supposed to eat. My boyfriend Simo has tortured me with this for years, and I'm sure for many more easters to come. Yesterday he made me eat it again, just to see the same screwd up face spasms coming from it, only to leave his own "poop" on the plate. -"I forgot to eat it", he said. Hm.
The only one who ate it all was Milla, and maybe that says it all? (Or not...?)

Thank God that there is something called FAZER though! Fazer is named after Karl Fazer, who made wonderful chocolate! This has become a very typical brand for Finland, and I think some of the best chocolate in the world! Every easter they make easter eggs - literally, they take real eggs and suck out the yolk, then fill it with chocolate, close the hole with sugar and wait for a chocolate hungry person cracs the egg open and happily eat the new content.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

1st of April.

Now I'm sitting at work. I have a break and I can hear another teacher reading for the children in another room. The children have talked about yesterday a lot. It was 1st of April, and of course really exciting!
Like every year; I completely forget that it's the 1st of April, and so therefore it's very easy to fool me. But for some reason, nobody takes advantage of that situation. The 1st og April tradition hasn't really been big in our family.
The only time they REALLY got me, was when I was about 14 years old and my granmother told me when I got up for breakfast one day that the news said that Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor had gotten married! I actually answered: -"It's about time!"
After calling my best friend about it, they decided to tell me the truth, so that I woulnd't make a bigger fool of my self, telling eeeverybody I knew.
They got me there!