Tuesday, 24 March 2009

"Reality" shows.

I remember when reality shows became the big thing. In Norway it started with this show called "The Bar". It was interesting and new. Everybody was following it, including myself. Of course right after that "Big Brother" hit the TV screen, and all hell broke loose! What a radical idea; placing a bunch of different people into a house for 100 days! Everything would be filmed, and hopefully there would be many conflicts, and could we even hope for a tiny bit of hanky panky?
Oh yes, we in Norway got lucky; not only did we get hanky panky, but we got the whooole thang; I'm talking about SEX, baby!
Should we be proud that we were the first Big Brother that had all-the-way on the show? (In the end, the couple was not I think...)

After "Big Brother" the reality-boom started for real; I felt that 50% of all entertaiment on TV was reality, and I felt it was really boring. Why would I spend time watching everyday people doing everyday things? Because in the beginning, it was after all more about everyday life. After a while it started to become more dramatic and I felt that much of the "reality" we was promised was as much acting than any other Hollywood TV series.

So what is "real" enough for you? How "reality" is it? How long will reality still be popular? How far are people willing to go for their fame? Because the truth is, that this is a quick way to get famous and "out there", and we live in a society where theres nothing more important. Fame.


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Dogwalks with a cute dog.

Milla is very cute. Really. I'm not saying that because she's MY "child". But she is. Sometimes that can be a problem though.

I took Milla out on a nice sunday walk today. Quite early (in my view) around 9 in the morning. As always, she's very eager and loves people and other dogs. Right now I'm trying to train her to be able to walk at a steady pace and pass other dogs without going crazy. The problem is that if she is in a steady pace and quite calm, just seeing another dog will snatch her out of that calmness, and that very frustrating as it's very hard to acheive.

The worst part is when she has gone in to that crazy state, and I'm bending down to her and CLEARLY training her. Then 90% of the time, some old woman (or a mother with a child) HAS to come to us and start talking to Milla in baby-language and try to get her excited, because after all; she is SO cute when she jumps and is oh so "happy"!
As soon as that happens, all that I've worked for has gone a huge leap backwards.
I get that for a lot of people it might be hard to understand why that is a big deal to me, but the fact is that everyone who has a dog that they want to behave a certain way KNOWS that it's a lot of work to train a dog, and ESPECIALLY a Terrier!

So now, intead of being polite and smiling, I have just started saying the truth when that happens.
- "Please don't go to her right now. I'm training her".

Monday, 16 March 2009

Fashion and Louis. What does it mean?

I don't think there's many girls or women out there that don't care about clothes at all. At least, I have never met one.
However, it does interest me how it is such a big part of our history and part of how it makes us feel. I have never been very into fashion; when I was younger I was that type of person who rather wear clothes that was "out" than wear something that I personally thought looked absolutely awful, just because it was fashion. I'm still like that. It has to be my taste, there's NO WAY you're gonna get me to wear baggy joggingpants, a t-shirt that is so tight that it makes my upper body looks trapped inside, and my hair put up so it looks like I'm a troll. A troll that just got up of bed. Most of all; you will NOT see me like this, and wearing all my bling!

Fashion is a sort of escapism.
When you have those special pair of shoes or that Louis Vuitton bag, it makes you feel a certain way. It makes you feel rich. It makes you feel accomplished. Whole. More visible. More important.

My grandmother was a model for Coco Chanel in her youth. She is beautiful, and has always tought me to be feminine and to look by best when that's important. When I was young, I didn't really think those things were that important, but now I see all the things she's tought me.
She has never really been very into the fashion labels though and that's never been important. But she has always had Louis Vuitton around. Louis and Mammy.
I think that's also why I have always had a thing about that classic Louis Vuitton style, and there was even a time I wanted to buy a LV bag. Louis Vuitton opened here in Heksinki, and I thought: OK then, I don't need to rush, I can buy one when I want and have the money.
But as time went on, I saw more and more girls around in high heels carrying their LV bags around town. They looked so proud. With their heads up high.
The longer time passed the younger these girls became until I saw a 14 year old with a HUGE LV bag! (And they're not cheap.)
I thought, is this really how I was to be represented? Is this me? I actually LIKE that pattern, not that inside lining that says "Louis Vuitton" with golden beautiful letters.

I had the money to spend for this. They were in my wallet. The store was infront of me.
In the end I went to a Disneystore. They had the same style bag that I wanted, only with Mickey Mouse's head silouette instead of the LV.

THAT was me.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday fun!


Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hunters at the gym.

I've always wondered why a lot of people and especially girls can't go to the gym alone. I always see pairs. Two girls "working out" (actually, the only thing getting a work-out is their mouths most of the time...), or hanging. Kinda like in the 90's french series "Helene et les garcons". (For my friends in Norway: "Helene og Gutta"!)

Now I know why.
When I lived in Norway I tried to go to the gym. Somehow it never really took off there, but the times I went, I always went alone. If I go to the gym, I go to the gym. I wanna get my work out done efficiently and then go home. I did notice quite a lot of men there always putting their chests out extra much, giving you the sideways look, then to sit down and work out with some weights, going: "MMMMMMUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPFFFFFFFFFF, MMMMMMUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFF, MMMMMUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFF", etc. in rhythm, as loud as possible.
They will use their time around the gym, scouting for which machine to do next, walking in a manner that would possibly make a young girl whisper to her hot friend in delight over how much wonderful muscles he has! So much in fact, that he can't even walk properly.

When I moved to Finland I decided to take up going to the gym again, and for real this time. So the first time there I went to a gym in the center, a very big one that was packed with people. The machines were new and I wasn't sure exaclty how to work them. I experimented a littlebit and found out what to do, but this apprently took so long time, that "Steve" grabbed his chance.
- "I can show you how to do that", a voice said behind me. I turned around. A man, almost identical to Steve Buscemi. An actor, who hasn't exaclty been cast in Hollywood films because of his good looks...
Well, since I couldn't figure out how to work that machine I thought:" Why not?"
I should never had let him show me. I just couldn't get rid of him after that. - "If you need help with any other machine, just let me know", he said.
- "Thank you, I will". Then I continued trying out the machines for myself.
"Hmmm...I think this machine should be done like this...instructions! Great! Let's see..." In a blink of an eye "Steve" was next to me! "I'll show you!"
By then I had already decided, that there was no way to get rid of him. I have been brought up in a way that does not allow me to be rude to people, and this can be a blessing as well as a curse. This time it was a curse.
After a long time going from machine to machine, the questions that could save me was asked. - "So", said "Steve", "why are you in Finland". I showed him the ring on my finger that for some reason he hadn't seen, or simply ignored. - "I'm engaged to a Finnish man."
A dissapointment fell over his face. - "Oh." He gracefully guided the topic over to something else, and I thought I had managed to get him off my back quite well.
- "I'm finished now. I'm gonna go home", I said.
- "All right. It was very nice to meet you." Silence. "I wanted to ask you...It might not be appropriate considering....but, would you like to go out with me for a glass of wine sometime?" I couldn't believe my ears. How could somebody so...unattractive be so bold? - "I'm sorry", I answered, "that's not possible".
- "I understand. Can't lose anything on trying."

So this is why I go to a gym now, that is ONLY for women.

Above: Steve Buscemi.

London, here I come!

So all the Michael Jackson tickets are already sold out. No surprise to me, but I didn't expect it to happens so fast, and most of all; I didn't expect that I would be one of the many people who didn't manage to get tickets! This was yesterday, when the general ticket sale started on www.ticketmaster.com at 7 in the morning. I was there 6:30 and ready for action. The site crashed many times and I ended up not getting any tickets. However, I was lucky (and smart) enough to join the pre-sale on wednesday, and it was that way that I got two tickets that day. One with a friend and one where I will be seated alone. That's all right, I'm there to see Michael Jackson after all, not to talk, hehe. (Okay, I wish I had a friend next to me!!)

The tickets got sold out in about 5 hours yesterday, and that was for 45 shows. (Then of course there was some sold on wednesday during the pre-sale.) And the press (and a lot of other people) call him a "falling star"? Obviousely he's not.

So I'm going to London again. Right after Route 66. And since my concerts dates are so far apart I will stay there for two weeks. It should be fun, but seriousely, now I have to save even more. This will probably be the most expensive summer I've ever had, but then again, also the most fun!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Number 500!

So it's already been 500 views on my blog! That's great! I'm very happy that you are coming by to hang in my world. Right now, my world is filled of sickness (again) and awakeness...(again...) I can't believe I'm sick again, I JUST got well from my stomachflu! It's off to the doctor for me tomorrow.

On a lighter note: this blog will hopefully be interesting this year, as I'm going Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles this summer, and I will write all about it here. I will try to update the blog at least twice a week and let you know what we are doing. Hopefully there will be lots of pictures to check out as well.

So please keep coming by! =)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Milla almost got stabbed today!

I'm starting to get a flu, so Simo took Milla for a morning walk today by himself. When he came home he told me that a crazy woman tried to stab Milla with her ski pike! Apperently, Milla had been free (which is allowed right now I might add) and was playing with Simo. Being the happy playful dog that she is, Milla had started to run towards the woman that was putting her skis on, and Simo called her back. She came back and got a treat. Then Milla ran off again, and didn't listen to Simo. The woman absolutely FREAKED out and tried to stab Milla with her pike several times while scraming at the top of her lungs! Simo ran towards her and tried to make her stop. "Get her away from me, get her away from me", she screamed while trying to kill the dog that was standing there now, without doing anything. Simo was so shocked that he just left with Milla away. The woman put her skis on and continued on her journey...
If I had been there I would @#%&ing have a mental circus show!!!
I know that theres a lot of people that are afraid of dogs and that's fine. But if you are you don't;

1. Go to ski in the place that has the MOST dogwalkers in a season when dogs can be free.

2. Freak out so the dog thinks it's a game and gets more encouraged.

3. Bring things with you that in a freak out moment you might use as a weapon. Then I know who should maybe be kept in a leach.

How ignorant can one get?

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Michael Jackson: "THIS IS IT!"

Everybody who really knows me knows that I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. I think he is genious, and I have travelled to the other side of the globe and back again to see him perform. And it was worth it. Eventhough I got stuck in New York from 11th of september because of it, it was still worth it.
So now Michael Jackson says: "THIS IS IT!" He will have 10 concerts in London this summer, that will be his last. This is it.
Of course I can't miss that.
But now I'm getting even more stressed than I was before: we were planning to go Route 66 exactly in July, when Michael is giving the concerts. In his conference in London today he didn't give any information about WHAT dates the concerts will be on, or how many exactly. As soon as I know I can start to work around it to be able to go to both Route 66 and London.

I'm saving and saving and saving...oh God...this is it.

Far from "home".

Where am I from? I don't even know anymore.
I was born in Paris, I have a french passport, but I have lived in Norway almost all my life. Now I live in Finland. I feel like I always have been a person who have moved around a lot, and I don't mind it in the sense that I like new experiences, to meet people and travel. It that way I'm lucky. But of course, there's the down side as well. Most my friends are in Norway, and also my family. When you are an adult, and you don't go to school anymore, it's very hard to get new friends. Sure, you can get them at work (I have been lucky with that one) or like I have done; start a class of some kind after work and meet people there. But how good friends do you become? Will you hang out with them after that 3 hour class once a week?
I have been lucky: I have gotten a job that I speak in a language that I know, but I don't know finnish. This was very difficult in the beginning, when I didn't have a job.
But I am noticing that I have few friends here. The few friends I have I do really love, but sadly aren't able to meet as ofter as I'd like to.
In a world where we are fed TV shows like Sex and the City and Friends, the reality seems lonely. Where are my three friends who loves me no matter what I do? Who will always be there? Who are interested in the same things as me? Where are they?

I am happy in this country, I enjoy it a lot. Maybe more than Norway.
But I do miss my family, my little brother, my best friend. My old dog.
Im very happy a friend of mine is visiting me soon! =)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Nude painting.

I went to art school for two years a while ago. I liked it, it was fun. Actually I started it because I didn't want to go to "normal" school anymore, with mathematics and regular subjects all day long. I wanted to do something creative. But I had no idea that I could draw before I started this school.
Anyway, one day we had a nude model. It was new to all of us. I thought it was a great oppurtunity to learn about the body structure and how to draw it, but of course some people got embarrased. How to handle this situation for the first time?
I remember the woman was very thin. It was difficult to draw her, beacuse she didn't have a lot of those typical forms of a woman. It's best when the model has real curves.

Now I go to two different art classes every week. So this time, in one of the classes, we got a nude model. I thought; I've done this so many times, this time I'd like to paint her a bit special. I already made a plan in my mind how to paint her even before we actually got the model there. I wanted to paint her standing and dreaming, and as a fairy.
So that's how this painting became the way it is. It was a long process, I started it maybe in november, and I finished it two days ago. But since I have other paintings to work on at home, I worked on this one in the art class only, and so that I could get some help with different problems in the painting, like how to get the nightlight well done.

I hope you enjoy it! =)