Monday, 23 February 2009

Does America need another child star?

Yes, I admit it. I watch "America's got Talent". The Hoff is in it after all. Actually, I got addicted to it at the gym. They have many TV's there and this show is on one of them.
So right now, there's 10 artists of various kinds left in the competition. Very good ones, they deserve to be there. And there's a little girl age 4 among them. She sings, and sure; good for a 4 years old. But my question is: is it right that she is in the show, next to grown ups that are doing an EXCELLENT job and have faught for their position probably for a long time? Yes, she is very cute, but is that enough? Is it fair?
She sings okay, but I wouldn't pay 50 dollars to see her in Vegas. It's not interesting and theres too many sour notes for my ear, cute or not cute.

America (or should I say Hollywood?) has always been child star struck. There nothing more interesting than a child star! But still, all this attention seems to destroy them, or if they don't destroy themselves, the crowd that sqeezed their cheeks when they were young will make sure to destroy them when they're adult.
I take Michael Jackson as an example; the world most successful and known prodigy of all time. While other child stars took to alcohol, drugs and drunk driving, he coped with losing his childhood by being honest with himself and try to gain in his adult life what he so dearly lost. Being in the spotlight since the age of 5 surely gives you scars (can you imagine a 5 year old not being allowed to play?), and Michael Jackson has been very open with his scars. Yes, he is different, and he knows it. He does not try to hide but emraces the fact that he is and will always be different and probably lonely. For this he is ridiculed.
I think he is brave.

So we all have seen what the world does to child stars. And I look at the little girl who says that she wants to perform in Las Vegas (at the age of 4) whithout a trace of understanding of what it means when the judges tells her that America voted for her once again to be one step closer to "her dream".
And I wonder: in a western world where we say that we don't want clothes that are made by this so different?

Friday, 20 February 2009

We're goin' Route 66 baby!

So it's official: I'm going Route 66 this summer, across the US and A!
I've wanted to take this trip for a really long time, and now finally, it's coming true. I'm going with my boyfriend Simo and my little brother Henrik.

Most of you have probably heard of Route 66. It is the most famous highway in the world, going from Chicago and all the way to Los Angeles. It's been made songs about it, films and even TV shows!
It is typically known to be an adventure to motorcylists, as it is so much to see. That is probably a beautiful trip. We're gonna rent a car however, possibly a convertable.

The reason why Route 66 is so famous is because of it's beautiful scenery. It passes some of the most interesting places in America, and there's plenty to see also just a bit off the road, such as the Grand Canyon.
Route 66 was first signed into law as one of the original U.S. Highways in 1927. Traffic grew on the highway because of the geography through which it passed. Because most of the highway was flat, it became a popular truck route, and many farming families around Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas used the route on their way to California for agricultural jobs. This became an important route for them. Also during the Depression, a lot of families around the Route got lucky when it grew more and more important for travellers. They got a chance to earn their money by starting stores and especially service stations and restaurants for travellers. Like most highways at this time, Route 66 was a dangerous road. More than one place on the road was called "Bloody 66", but it still continued to be a popular route, and in 1938, it was the first highway to be completely paved.

Route 66 was the first place to have a drive-in hamburger restaurant, and also the first Mc. Donalds was located in California along Route 66. It has become a typical american culture site, with all from it's native american culture on the way to meteor craters. It is also called "The Mother Road".

I look SO much forward to this trip, and of course I will post a diary here as often as I can while on the Mother Road.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Being sick.

So this is yet another boredom entry.

Yes, I am sick. The reflection of my lap top proves it. I'm very pale, and my father's line between my eyebrows has never been as visible as now. I smile. My dog is laying beside me in the sofa. She's looking at me, and I believe that somehow, she understands that I'm sick. She hasn't been bothering me as much as she use to.

The Valentine's Day dinner on saturday was very nice. But somehow it ended with a stomach flu. I should have known; I work in a kindergarden that has had this for a few weeks. But still, I thought that I had escaped it with hand washes "Desperado Style". I even used so much disinfectant that my hands almost dried out.

Usually when I have the stomach flu it passes after a couple of days, but for some reason the after effects of this one is still going on. I have no energy, I'm dizzy, not really hungry and it's been like this since sunday. I went to the doctor today. She said to stay home and rest. I need that. A lot of people like to stay home from work. Sure, it can be nice, but I think it gets boring pretty fast. I'm a person who likes to do things.
So what am I doing now? Waiting for Dr. Phil to start on TV.
The highlight of the day.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Farseer Trilogy.

I just finished reading a trilogy that was absolutely amazing. I would like to share it with you.
The books are written by Robin Hobb and are called "Assassin's Apprentice", "Royal Assassin" and "Assassin's Quest", or; "The Farseer Trilogy". For those of you who love to read, this is absolutely a trilogy worth buying! It's a fantasy, but even if you don't especially like that genre, this is so well written and full of heart that it is worth your time. Robin Hobb is a master of making us feel with the characters, and all personalities are so well described that is a pleasure to get to know them.



The story is a about Fitz: the bastard son of a mountain woman and the King in Waiting; Prince Chivalry. He is placed in the care of the stable master of Buckkeep, Burrich, and soon realizes that King Shrewd himself has an interest in his existence. Without anyone except the King knowing, he will be trained by the King's personal assassin Chade, to become an assassin loyal only to the Farseers; the Royal Family.
When it is discovered that Fitz has someting called "The Skill" which is a way of reading minds and manipulating other people's desitions, and even see through the eyes of a chosen person, the King desides to train him in this talent by Galen, the Skillmaster. But an evil and jealous Galen makes sure that Fitz training becomes as unpleasant as possible, and Fitz ends up with only a spark of the Skill in him that he can master.
Fitz has an other talent as well, called the Wit. Very few has it, and it is looked upon as a dark magic. It is the ability to comunicate to animals, bond with them in a special way, even talk to them. It is said that a person with the Wit can be so attatched to his chosen companion animal, that he in time will become the animal himself. Similar to the Skill, a person with the Wit can travel in the mind of his chosen animal, and they can be in each others precence, even though they in reality are very far apart.
King Shrewd has three sons. Fitz's father and King in waiting Chivalry has died before Fitz even got to know him. Second is Prince Verity, now King in Waiting, and the jealous Prince Regal, who would very much like to be the King in Waiting.
When the Six Duchies are being raded by the evil Red Ships, Prince Verity decides to seek a wisdom in the mountain Kingdom that he knows will help The Six Duchies rebuild itself and the Red Ships dissapear. However, Prince Verity doesn't come back, and with the old king Shrewd recently dead, Prince Regal declares Prince Verity dead and crowns himself King.
However, with a Skill bond to Verity (most Farseers has The Skill), Fitz knows that he is not dead. He also knows that he has to find Verity before the evil King Regal leads the Six Duchies to ruin.

This trilogy has it all: romance, adventure and magic! It's one of those books that makes you sad when you're finishing it.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The "Euh-guy". (Read "The wheels on the bus go round and round" first.)

Tired. On my way to work, with John Williams film music on my iPOD. The music is very loud. I like to listen to loud music. Not to share my music with the world, but to block the world out. And I especially like that in the morning. Sometimes I get a few angry looks. Even hurt looks. I usually react with a blush and a quick volume adjustment. But not today. Today I don't care. I have one of those days.

I usually dream a lot when I listen to music. I create scenarios whith people I don't like much, and what I would say to them in situation where I would be the strong person who would make them understand that I'm right. In whatever we're discussing. Power.
Or I can dream something very peaceful. That depends on what I'm listening to. But today, even with my rebellious attitude, I dreamed of an island in a tropical place, where I would rather be than in cold, grey and sad Helsinki.

Until the "Euh-guy" entered the bus.
I can't believe it. He sits next to me. I turn down the volume on my iPOD so I can be alert. He's having a quiet day. He's sitting nicely without a sound. He looks at me very quickly. I pretend not to notice. Then it starts.
Maybe this is his way to get womens attention, I don't know, but he's rocking back and forth in his seat. The sounds are very low but they have started.
That's it! I don't care what people think!
I get up, for all to see, and go towards the back of the bus and sit down.
He looks after me. "Where did she go?"

I turn up the volume.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

I am sitting on the bus. I'm in the front, with my back towards the driver. I can see everybody's faces. I'm wordering about their faces. So many people. So many stories. I see an old couple. The woman looks younger than the white haired man. But only just. They are not talking to each other, but they are both smiling a tiny smile. They are holding hands. They look very much in love. It makes me smile. It's funny how much we obsess about looks. About age. Because they are old and holding hands, they make my day. I see another couple holding hands. A young couple. I get back to my book.

I look up again. Some very loud teenagers just got on the bus. They look like trolls. There's a lot of trolls here in Finland. And a lot of gangsters. Wannabe 13 year old gangsters. Rappers I'm sure. Maybe one of them will enter Idols one day, with an artist name like "G-Spot" or "T-Bone". He will be rejected. He will scream and shout at the judges. "Is it because I'm white, yo?!" He will walk off the stage, real gangsta style. Limping, like he got shot in his left leg one time. In another life.
The teenagers wants attention. (Maybe they don't get it at home...or is that a cliché?) They have some really loud music on an iPOD. So everyone can hear what they are listening to. I try to get back to my book.

Oh no! Not him! I immediately make myself as small as possible. With my nose in my book as the best protection.
"Euh!" It's coming from the man. Sometimes he's quiet. But I guess not today. "Euh! EEEEEEEEEEEEUH! Euh!" He likes to sit in the front. So do I. "Euh," he says, before he sits down beside me.
He is staring at me. So what did I do in Paris when people got a bit too close in the metro? Theres three ways of protection:

1. Listen to music very loud on your mp3 player. To shut people out.

2. Pretend to read, but be alert.

3. Shut your eyes and pretend to sleep.

I shut my eyes. I can feel his breathing down my neck. "Euh!" I will not move. It's against my principle. Is that seriousely a hand touching my hair?! I open my eyes in horror, only to see his face 1 inch from my own! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHRGGGGGGGGGGGG", he screames with all his might before spitting in my face! I jump over his lap and run to the end of the bus. I get mostly sympathetic looks on my way. Maybe many of them have had their own encounter with this man.
The "Euh-guy" looks after me with searching eyes, but stays in his seat. He leaves after a little while.

Can I possibly get back to my book now? Everybody knows me on the bus. I was the victim of the "Euh-guy". I've had enough! I will read my book, and I will not be disturbed!
I was so into my book, I didn't even notice the man sitting down across me. Why is he staring at me? And why the hell is he smiling? Do I have a bat in the cave? Oh shit! Do I still have spit dangeling from the "Euh-guy"?! No. One second. One second of curious eye contact triggered it.
"What are you reading", he asked me.
"A book".
Silence. He moves closer. Staring at the book, or me. I don't know. He's cross eyed.
"I see a sword there. Is it a fantasy"?
"Is it good"?
I learned a lot about this man. I learned his whole life story. In return he wanted to know mine. He kept asking about my life. I didn't give him my story. But to keep him quiet, I gladly gave him the story of the book. He wanted to know. While we talked, everyone went quiet. It's like a unwritten bus-rule in Finland that if people talk in a foreign language (or very loud, which is also quite foreign to finns) everybody stops to listen. Even if they don't undertand the language. So I guess everybody was part of our conversation. In their silent way. And just maybe, somebody went to a book store and picked up a copy of that book.

Monday, 2 February 2009

My Art.

One of my biggest hobbies are painting. I have been painting since 1999, both in school and at home. I paint for myself and for others.
My goal in art is to acheive as naturalistic paintings as I can, and ususally each work has a theme that I'm very interested in.
I would say that my speciality is portraits. I love to do self portraits, simply because I have a model that is always present, and you notice new things in your own face every time.

I'm a member of Helsinki International Artists Association, and I also write a column for them about art expo's or art related things happening in Helsinki.
You can visit their page here:

I have had a few exhibitions, the last one was a group exhibition with HIAA. We will have another one also this year. I'm working mostly with commission work right now, and that takes alot of time.

I will try to post artwork here, and tell a little bit about the story of the painting, and maybe even post a "mini painting lecture"?

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Okay, so I'm embarassed.
I can't sleep. And I had new bedsheets and all.
I thought they had some sort of guarantee to make me fall asleep, but no.
They have a smell. A smell of plastic. God knows how long they have been in their platic wrappings in the store. I put them on the duve and pillows, straight from the package. Fresh, but not washed.
We bought new pillows with it all. I forgot to mention that earlier I think. They are king size, very american, and fluffy. I love them, but they are hard to get used to. It's hard to breath on them, 'cause I'm a person who has to sleep in my stomach.

So anyway, I will try to go to get some sleep soon, after watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the &%(¤"th time.

So just a little pointless blog entry here, created out of pure boredom, to kick off the month of february!

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))))))))))))))))))IIIIOO