Saturday, 31 January 2009


A friend of mine told me that I should get a blog. "Take a look at other blogs", she said. To see what other people write about I guess. And to see what people comment on.
Okay, so I have checked some of the most read blogs around the neighbourhood. La creme de la creme of blogs.
One of the top blogs in one country had recently posted something like this:

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! I haven't posted anything here for you today! I'm SO sorry! I'm like, so busy, you know. And it's so cold! So extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely cold! I'm freezing. To the bone.
Have a nice day! =)))))))))))))))"


There were many of these type of "articles" there. And this was read by about 10.000 people daily.

If you EVER catch me writing something like that, OR reading it for my own pleasure, you have officially the right to slap me.

Have a nice day! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))99999999999999999

The Importance of Bedsheets.

Today my boyfriend and I bought new bedsheets. We were actually on a quest to find a lamp and light dimmers for our livingroom...but ended up with bedsheets.
They looked so clean. And were luring us into a bedsheet frenzy with their patterns and extra fluffy pillows.
"Come feel us", they said. "Buy us. We only cost 100 Euros", said the Duvet cover, Pillowcase 1 and Pillowcase 2. "But what about the rest of you", I asked. "Those two extra decor pillows and super white under sheets wants to come too!" It was true. Those white sheets were SO white, that I think David Hasselhoffs teeth would fall out in shame.
"Don't worry", they whispered. It's not every day you buy us. We are necessary. We make you sleep well."
That was it for me. I was convinced. So just in case, we came home with two duvet and pillow sets, two new David Hasselhoff sheets, and four decorative pillows.
I say we are set for dreamland.

I believe in a comfortable bed.
Having a dog by my feet and a boyfriend with a bad sleeping heart, I have to put my trust of complete relaxation in my bed. Think about it: you use about 1/3 of your life in bed. Hopefully.
I think that the bedroom is the room that you expect to relax in, and therefore it is very important that it has a soothing visual style. Decorate the room in colours you find soothing. Be careful with yellows and purple; they are energetic colours! Skyblue can be a nice colour in summer (I live in Finland) when the light outside can be quite bright, it helps create a feeling of night and peace.

Oh, and if you have boring bed covers and sheets; BUY NEW ONES! Change is necessary.
(They told me to tell you.)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Number 100!

It's not much, but it sure is a start; this blog has been read (or at least looked at) a hundred times! I realize that some of those times are me, logging on, but still, the number 100 is shining at the bottom of my page, in all it's glory.
Thank you guys, for checking out my blog! I hope in the future there will be things in here that you might find interesting. Or if you're just addicted to reading blogs, no matter how boring they are...hey, you're welcome!

So while I'm wondering with Hugh here, what kind of picture would fit best with this blog entry, feel free to leave comments as well.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Oscar for living or dead legends?

There is a lot of talk about the Oscar nominations these days. Especially because Heath Ledger is nominated for one, for his part as the Joker in Batman; The Dark Knight. Personally, I also think the part was great, and he did a wonderful job at it, but he is dead. Where will they put his Oscar? He will never enjoy it. Will his close family and friends remember what a wonderful person he was when they see it, or will they be reminded over and over again of his sudden death, and of what could have become if he was still alive?
Hollywood seems to have a great interest for celebrities who dies. Any little celebrity can become a big one, if they agree on dying a sudden and dramatic death. I feel that it has become so much of this that it is actually overshadowing the few geniouses we have left, who are STILL ALIVE! I guess when they die they will be bigger than life... Just too bad that they will not be around to enjoy it. Why can we never see what we have before it's gone? And why can we never tell them that we think they are great, WHILE they are still living?

What fascinates me here is that drugs basically makes you a legend. We are constantly being told as young NOT to use drugs and be brave enough to say "no" to it's evil and alcohol. Yet I wonder; what are we REALLY teaching our children, when we make sure that the most sucessful artists in the entertaiment industry very often are the ones who fall to an "unexpected" overdose at a young age. Pityful as that way to die might be, it is nothing compared to the evershining glory that you will receive, but not see. Your name will be carved in stone forever.

People are still talking about that Heath Ledger's death was an "accidental overdose". I wasn't there, and I didn't know this man, but I find that hard to believe. We live in a time now, that we know what drugs are. We know the risks of taking them, and we know the effects. Therefore, I don't believe there is such a thing as an "accidental overdose". You make that choice in life to use the drugs you use. No one is forcing you. Too bad you had to mess up your life. Accidentally. I've been to Hollywood a few times, and all I can see that they are proudly showing off as America's biggest legends are mostly people who had died due to drug use. Are these the people we are supposed to look up to? They did many great things, sure, but do I respect them? I don't know. However, I DO respect people who fight their addiction to be able to do what they love.

Therefore I was EXTREMELY happy to find out that Robert Downey Jr. FINALLY was nominated for an Oscar! It's about time! I have been a fan of him ever since I saw Chaplin in the early 90's and he has had a lot of great parts since then. I'm really happy that he has been able to get in control of his life and that he is getting the attention he deserves for his fantastic acting.
He is truly and inspiration, and to me, a LIVING legend!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Is Walt Disney God?

I had a conversation with a very clever 5 year old one time. And parts of it went something like this:

Max: Elise, did God create the world?
Elise: Well, some people think so. But you have to find out what you believe yourself.
(Hard thinking.)
Max: But Elise, if God created the world, who created Disneyland?!
Elise: That's a man called Walt Disney.
Max: Is Walt Disney God?

I wanted to answer that "Well some people seem to think so." But I guess when you don't want to influence children's beliefs too much and talk about religion, I couldn't talk about mine.


No seriousely, I am a great fan of Disney.
I think the reason for that it simple; I don't want to grow up.
What Disney's films and music brings to me, is a chance to go back to my childhood and re-live it somehow. In a Europe that I think is very "adult", and don't give grown ups much room to be childlike, where actually children grow up WAY too fast, I think it's extremely important to stop up a bit and allow yourself to be the child you once were. If that is not Disney, it could be anything that gives you that feeling of the safety you felt when you watched just THAT film, or listened to just THAT music. Pick those things up. Instead of laughing with your friends about what "silly" music you listened to as a child, go home, listen to it, and enjoy the feeling. If only for a moment, remember how much you liked it, and WHY you liked it. Is it really that bad?
The movies you liked. Sure, some of them are probably really bad now, but don't they make you smile? Isn't that feeling you get worth watching them for a little while?

For me, Disney has often given me those feelings. And I continue to love many of the new films as well. I love magic. Anything magical. When I hear "When You Wish Upon A Star" it makes me cry. The song is so beautiful, but it also makes me sad because it reminds me of something I've lost. That feeling of being a child and the feeling that everything is new and magical is a feeling very few are able to keep alive inside them. Work on it and you will be able to feel a little spark of that childlike wonder. And tell your children to not grow up too fast!

I have always been behind in my years. In school I got a bit teased about it. But I was being myself. As the years went by, I changed a lot, but also stayed very much the same. I still like a lot of the same things as I did as a child, and the basic things still makes me happy.
When I lived in Paris for three years, I bought a yearspass in Disneyland. That was the best place I could be. If I was stressed or just wanted to have fun, I always dragged someone with me there. It is truly the happiest place on earth.
For me.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

You don't drink?!

-"No", I said.
Oh brother, here we go again, I thought. -"Because I don't like the taste," I answered.
Was I kidding myself? I knew he was not gonna let me go that easily. But I thought it was worth a try. Again.
-"No, but seriously", he said. "Why not?"
Should I tell him about my mother? That in my childhood I had seen alcohol do more damage than he ever would? No. It would be a good excuse. One that works. But no.
-"Aaaaw, I see," he continued, "You're pregnant!" I shook my head. The list will come. One reason after another.
-"Driving?" -"Yes," I said. I could see that he was content that he had finally figured me out. I was one of them now. One that could maybe even drive them home. "But that's not why I don't drink," I continued.
Silence. Puzzlement. Could I even say...shock? I could see that his eyes were going cloudy. Poor guy, Maybe I should help him.
-"I just don't drink. I never have, and never will. You know?" A friendly "you know" to snap him back into the world of conversation. But I knew that he didn't know.
-"So you mean to say that you have NEVER been drunk? Not once?" I shook my head, smiling. I always smiled, eventhough I had had this talk so many times, it was almost like a script now. After a time of hard thinking, the man I had met for the first time a minute ago had had his conclusion of the whole mystery being myself. He nodded to himself.
-"I'm proud of you. That takes balls! Big balls." He took a big sip of his beer. -"I wish I didn't have to drink always."
He clinged his big beer glass into my glass of Coca-Cola. -"CHEERS! Cheers for not drinking!"

Then he was gone.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Facebook VS. MySpace

Or as you might say: Past VS. Future.
I got MySpace a while ago. Some of my friends had it, and I thought it looked fun. I used some time to decide to get it though. I wasn't sure I "needed" it. And I didn't. But I got addicted soon enough. I think the reason why I got it was to get friends with the same interests as me and to let my art spread around a bit. My MySpace page is more personal than my Facebook site, and I do not invite just anyone to it. You might say that it's more unproffesional and childlike. But it's maybe also more fun. You can costomize the look of the page to anything you want and add music and so on to it.
More and more people told me to get Facebook. I really didn't want to in the beginning. I felt that it was only to get in touch with people you lost contact with a long time ago, and to be honest, I felt that if you didn't have contact with them anymore in the first place it probably was a reason for it. Were you that keen on having contact?
I started looking at my friends page with her, and got more and more curious about the people in my past and what they were doing now. I decided to get a site, but promised myself not to become one of those people who has tons of "friends", but no one to talk to. The most boring thing is to have someone on your friends list that you want to keep contact with, who you write to from time to time, but who never writes back.

All in all, I think MySpace is more for people who just want to have fun and be creative, and Facebook is for more "grown up" people.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Nintendo Wii!

I've never been a big gaming person. Do you guys remember the old Nintendo console, the gray big box from the early 90's? I had that one. I didn't play it much. I had a few games: Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros 3, Bubble Bobble and some sort of cowboy game that I don't ever remember the title of.
My boyfriend loves to play computer games and I've always liked to watch. Whenever people played at parties or get togethers I would always say: "Sure, go ahead! Play instead of me. I'll watch." I think some people thought that was weird.
The truth is that I get so into the game that I actually get scared in real life! I don't like to play it alone, beacuse when my enemy in the game comes at me I actually freak out! I know it's not real and no matter how bad the graphics are, I get really stressed out when I play.

But now I have finally found my match in gamingheaven: Nintendo Wii!
A friend of mine had Nintendo Wii and I tried it at her house. It was interesting: you use the controls to do real movements similar to what you are doing in the game. So if you're playing bowling, you have to do the whole movement of your arm to do a good throw. I soon bought the console and some games with it. I found it fun, but not as much as I had hoped.
That was before I found the game "Lego: Star Wars".
It is so much fun, you're playing through all the episodes of the Star Wars saga, collecting coins as you go, so that you can buy characters to play with another time. When you've played a level for the first time you unlock it to come back later and play "freeplay" with any character you whish. You can play two-player which is so much fun! I also recommend "Lego: Indiana Jones".

Another great game is Wii Fit. When you buy it you get a board that you can stand on to monitor your weight and balance. It has great excercises, like aerobic, yoga, muscle and balance. You get a personal yoga and muscle instructor and you can keep a calendar of you progress.

The new year.

So the new year is finally here, and once again the gym is overpacked! I come there like I always do, and I have to wait forever for the machines. I must admit that I take a little pride in being one of them who actually gets to see how the gym gradually becomes empty.

I'm not saying that I can keep all my new year resolutions's very hard. And I've said it before, but hey: what can I do but say it again; this year I'm REALLY GONNA DO IT!

So this year my resolutions are to acheive the health and the look I really want, to paint more and try things that I'm not sure I can handle the first time, train my dog well and to work harder for my goals in life, and also, to keep up with friends more. If they don't call me, I'll call them.

This year I'm REALLY gonna do it. why am I here...?

Hi, my name is Elise!

I'm already asking myself why I made this blog. Everyone has a blog. And most blogs are pretty boring. Maybe you will find my blog boring. Maybe you will find it interesting. But I do hope that people can relate to some of the things I write about, and maybe even get ideas from them or learn something from them.

I don't want this to become a diary about my daily life. I will not completely pour out my heart and soul here, or personal things that I don't want to circle the Great Big Web.

I'm 26 years old. I always feel that time is running away from me, eventhough I know I'm young. I feel young at my work, and my hobbies makes me feel young. But then when I think of some of my greatest heroes and all that they acheived by the time they were my age, I feel old again.

I went to filmschool in Paris and my goal is to become a film director. However, anything related to the arts would be extremely giving to work with. I paint a lot, for people and for myself. My goal in painting is to be able to paint as realistic as possible.

I'm also interested in music (I like 80's, old R'n'B, classical, Irish, Motown, and mostly what I grew up with in the 90's), astronomy, cooking, animals, Disney and reading to name a few.

I have a boyfriend who I love and who helps me with all the computer trouble my little head can't understand. And of course I can't forget to mention my cute little Border Terrier puppy: Milla.

All in all, I realize that I made this blog to create a dialogue, and to share some things that has worked/hasn't worked in my life.