Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Where am I?

Hi guys! I haven't been blogging for a really long time. I have felt a bit tired of it to be honest. There's been so many things happening lately with the school and such, and I've felt a bit stressed and over worked. I have thought a lot about if I want to continue this blog or not. I'm still not sure. I have felt that writing posts has been more of a shore than fun. It hasn't really given me anything and I've lost the meaning of why I do it. I've seen that there has been quite a few visits to this blog lately. However, I'm not sure at this point if I should continue this or not. I have started to rid myself of extra social media things that really take time more than anything else, when I started with deleting my Twitter account. At this point I'm more active on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Just to let you know a LITTLE update... All is well here in London. I've had a bit of a homesickness lately, but I'm going for a short visit soon to Norway so that will be nice. Also on Monday, we are going to New York on a class trip. We're staying for 5 days. Maybe I'll blog a bit about that, we'll see. I've had a small exhibition with a friend at school. Check out the video here:

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Speed Drawing Sophie Elise!

Chaplin Tour!

So after all these tours...Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper...I was really happy to hear from a Norwegian friend of mine that he and his wife was coming for a short trip to London, and particularly to check our Charlie Chaplin sights. I'm a huge fan of Chaplin, so he invited me to come along. He had organized the whole route we should take and the sights and had it all under control, but we still had to find the places that to us Norwegian, seemed to look so much alike. All the houses have the same colour and sometimes it's difficult to separate one street from the other. Good thing he had a map. He had also printed out some photos of Chaplin when he visited there places himself at an old age. He wanted to re-create First place was where Charlie saw his father for the last time. Then we continued to the other locations which were a place he used to live and where his mother used to work when they were really poor. We had some trouble figuring out where this factory was. Now it seems, there's a film museum in the building, and in November there a Chaplin festival there. I might have to check that out. We then went to another house, where his father used to live, and where Charlie used to stand outside in the evenings looking at the street entertainers. We went to yet ANOTHER home after that. This one had some signs mentioning him, as well as a little garden plant dedicated to him. Strange. But kinda cute. We ended the tour with checking out the apartment where he was born (yes, they moved around a lot!), before heading towards the center for some shopping and a bite to eat. It was a really nice experience!

Monday, 10 November 2014

A walk down memory lane...

On Saturday, we went to Paddington station and Notting Hill. We went to what used to be The Hempel Hotel, where we met Michael Jackson in 2006. It was nice to be there, although it was under renovation, and we don't really know if it will have it's same look when it's done. It would have been nice to go inside the lobby, where we met him. We continued on towards the center, through Kensington Gardens first, to check out the Peter Pan statue and such. While stopping in Hyde Park for a snack, we saw a blonde woman on roller ski's. Hege and I spoke in Norwegian, and true enough, the woman HAD to be Norwegian too! No other people are crazy enough to ski all year around! We walked around the center for a while. Visited the Disney store, a horrible Chinese restaurant, and ended up trying something called "Bubble Tea". I've heard people talking about if ever since I came here, and so felt the need to test it out. I went for a simple flavour; mint chocolate. I absolutely HATED it. There is nothing I enjoy about it, and least of all the disgusting little balls of whatever it is inside, that makes you feel like your sucking up bunny poo through a straw. No thanks.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Visits from Norway!

So last week my friend Hege came over from Norway to visit me. I always love to get company and she is a good one! She came on Wednesday evening so late that in reality, we didn't expect to be able to much that day. The day after Hege went in to the center of London while I went to school. We met up after school, went to the the chineese restaurant I like for dinner and walked around the town until we were pretty tired. We walked for a long time actually, before going back home and relax. On Friday our class had a gallery trip. I asked the teacher if Hege could come as well which was no problem. I actually really liked that gallery round, some galleries more than others of course, but found a new painter that I really like now: Jonas Burgert. After the gallery trip, we had an appointment to go on a Jack the Ripper tour that I had arranged since it was Halloween. We went to the Tower of London where we were supposed to meet, but we couldn't find our group. After a long time, trying to find out where they were we gave up and decided to do our own sightseeing. Then they called me and told me where they were! I'm super happy about that, 'cause it was really a lot of fun! We had a really good guide that was quite theatrical, who brought the Halloween spirit to us. We walked around the street and places that Jack the Ripper roamed, and at one point we even sat on a bench that was placed on top of where his 3rd known victim was found. Spooky! The dark alleyways was probably the places where I could imagine the time and era best. The above photo is one of these alleyways, where I'm posing like how the ladies of that time would do for the men passing by. After the tour, we decided to walk around the neighbourhood a bit more, before going home to watch a scary film...which we never did.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Artist vlog #1!

I have Instagram!

OK, so admit it: I have Instagram now. And I'm all right with it. Search for gegauff.

London Comic Con!

Last weekend was a blast! I met the Rebel Legion UK and the UK Garrison for the London Comic Con! I met some of them the weekend before, when they had a troop at Heathrow hotel for some ill children, but this would be the first time I would troop myself. I had to get up really early 5:30 to be exact, and head towards the centre. I met up with another trooper at Waterloo train station, which was good, so that I could make sure I would find the place. We got to the ExCel event area and changed pretty fast so that we could be out in costume for the people in the line, getting in. I had my Padme Arena Battle outfit, as it is the one that takes the least space...go There was some really cool costumes from the UK Garrison an Rebel Legion UK! I spend the whole weekend at Comic Con, and even bought some really cool Rebel head phones! I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Daniel Radcliffe had passed our changing room on Friday and met the RL and 501st members that were there. I would have LOVED to be there then! Just to get a better idea of the great costumes and the SIZE of the con, I share this video with you! I'm at ca. 5:00

Harry Potter Muggles Tour!

Monday two weeks ago (yes, it's tough to get time to updates sometimes), I went on the last Fresher's event which was also the one I had been waiting for! I went to the city center with some friends from my class to join the Harry Potter Muggles Tour. We all met up by the tube station London Bridge. From there we went in between some really cool alleys and small streets to find some hidden locations where part of the Harry Potter series had been filmed. Prisoner of Azkaban and The Order of the Phoenix was two of the films in question. Also the place where Bridget Jones lived was on the way. I don't actually have a lot of pics from this event, because it was so dark. It was part of the fun though, and made the tour mysterious and interesting. If you ever have the chance to go, I can definitely recommend it!

Friday, 17 October 2014

School projects are finally happening!

I think the first week has been a bit exhausting for all students. Lots of information and no creativity. This week we finally got our first project. It's quite elaborate, and being an artist who doesn't do a lot of sketching before starting on the piece, this will be a big learning experience. We have spent a couple of days "drifting" around London to take in the city and make it inspire us. Now for some research on psychogeography, which is the theme of the project. It's very interesting, but something new to me, so I find myself reading the brief over and over again to make sure I got it right. I think also the freedom we have, might actually confuse me a little, as I know it has done with other classmates as well. But tomorrow it's time for sketching!